Upgrading Unity 1 sound for streaming

Hi, I have an original Unity, been very happy with it as a CD and radio source. I am realising that I should be exploring streaming music, so will start using the Unity for that as well. I read in a forum post that it was possible to upgrade the DAC card on the Unity. Does anybody have experience of this and is it worth it with regards to improvements in sound quality?
I use Mana supports and a Hydra mains lead for the system.
Best wishes Amer

Hello Amer,

I did own a uniti 1 for some years but I have never been really happy with it as I now know afterwards. I was always missing the really deep warm bass and the treble was too much for me with most of the music.

I did the upgrade to the new streaming platform some years ago. I am not sure if it really made the uniti sound better. I think it does, but it is only a minimal step. Maybe the sound becomes cleaner and somehow more exact.

When my uniti had a fault about one year ago I did buy a very cheap used superuniti. And yes, this was a really huge upgrade in sound. The superuniti does have the deep bass that I was always missing. Also the higher frequency is less sharp. Maybe because they are less sharp or maybe because they have more counterweight with the bigger bass.

So I recommend to watch for a 2nd hand superuniti if you do not need the CD drive. Maybe you find a used naim CD player, too? Alternatively you can keep the uniti, do the upgrade and also get a more powerful amplifier for it. I have read that this also brings a better bass. So maybe the uniti 1 does not have enough power for playing cool bass? Or you can keep the uniti 1 as CD player and connect it to the superuniti?


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Hi Amer,

There is no standard upgrade for the DACs in an original Uniti, you can however update the streaming card to 24/192 capabilities. This also enables Spotify & Tidal services, as well as multi-room.


Thanks Gert, very helpful. I do have a bigger system that the Uniti feeds CDs and radio into (282/250), but I experienced the Uniti total sound when I had the 250 DR’d, totally agree with you about the bass.
As I want to start using Tidal or one of the other higher quality streaming services, upgrading the streaming card is probably the way forward.
Best wishes Amer

Thanks Neil, I will get that card upgraded, based on what you and Gert have said, that seems to the best step for me right now as I want to use one of the higher quality streaming services. Best wishes Amer

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