My very first post here and looking for some help and advice regarding my next upgrade. Unfortunately I have to rely on the pre loved secondhand market because there is no way I could afford my Naim setup.
I currently have a NAC152xs Pre amp with NAP155xs Power amp. I am now looking to use headphones and was saddened to find out that I am unable to do this with the NAC152xs.
My first thought is to go with the NAC 202 which would enable the use of a Headline.

The second part of my question is this, do I need another power source for the Headline Amp or can that come from the NAP155xs?

I realise the best way is to listen first at a store but I know I couldn’t afford these items new and I don’t wish to waste the time without making a purchase.

Thank you for reading.
I love the Naim sound and wish to stay with it, I had a Nait 1 from the very beginning which served me well for many years.

The Headline needs a dedicated power supply. The NAPSC is ideal here and not expensive.

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Thank you for your reply Richard, I have just read that the NAC 202 often came with the NAPSC that you suggest, I may be able to find the two together and use it for my Headline when I can afford it. I would then keep the NAP155xs as is for the power.

The napsc makes a big difference to the 202 and I wouldn’t be happy without one. If getting a 202/napsc then you’d want another napsc for the Headline. Then consider that the 155 isn’t really ideal for powering the 202; for that you really need a Hicap. So that’s six boxes. Have you thought about going for a used Supernait 2? One box that does it all, including having a headphone output that while not as good as a Headline may be all you need.


Hello & welcome,

Is it the lack of outputs that prevents the NAC152 runing the headline?

If you went to a 202 that has tape out. As HH states, the box count mounts with HiCaps perhaps you could consider the later flatcap 2 with two power outlets & use one for your 202 the other for the headline?

When funds permit you could change to HCs. I ran my 202 with an olive HC for a while and that worked very well and yes, the NAPSC works well for the 202.

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I am slightly baffled by this. I have had to look at the Naim PreAmp manuals, to understand what the NAC152 actually has, in terms of outputs.

There is indeed no mention of any Tape Outs - but I see there are 2 pairs of Phono Sockets - labelled Line Out and Subwoofer Out.

Could not one of these pairs be used to drive a Headphone amp…?

Just thinking…You could always migrate to an Olive system, such as 72/HC/160 or 250 with a second HC for your headline?

Be pretty formidable too!

You could use a line out to feed signal to a headphone amp.

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How about at flatcap 2, I believe this will power a headline as well as your preamp?

Personally, I would think very carefully about upgrading your current amp, I run an older version of this pre/power amp and I think it is a cracking amp.

Source and speakers might give you better bang for your bucks

As Richard says in his reply to IanRobertM above, one can use line out to feed a headphone amplifier. This is exactly what I do with my NAC152XS. A Rega Ear is fed from the line out RCAs.

By all means upgrade your excellent NAC152XS. But be wary of the quality of the your sources.

Reading that back, it looks like a threat. But I was just trying to be succinct! Welcome to the forum.

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Thumbs up for a Rega Ear, from here… :grin:

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Hear, Ear… :smiley:

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Two good reviews for the Rega Ear it seems?
Thank You!

Thank you, for some reason, after reading the Headline details and it stated it was incompatible with my NAC152xs I thought I may have to change my amp but if the Rega Ear will work from it I’m fine with that. I can give the Rega a demo listening, also I can afford to buy new and it will have saved me quite a lot of money in the process. I’m not expecting my headphones to be the main listening option.

Is the wiring in straight forward?
Thanks again for your thoughts.

I am very happy with my setup, I just need to add headphones as an option, it seems the Rega Ear could be my solution.
Thanks for the advice.

Thank You,
What kind of connection cable would I need to do this please? It sounds like a option to be considered.

A pair of 1m interconnects, RCA jacks at both ends. Chord Company or similar.

The line out is on RCA phonos, so it will depend on which headphone amp you choose. If a Naim Headline then you should go for the RCA Phono version - no extra interconnect needed as it’s part of the unit.

Before getting too carried away… I do not believe that Rega still make the Ear… (??) :thinking:
So, ‘pre-loved’ is the only way to get one. AFAIK. Happy to be corrected, though… :face_with_monocle:

Thank you all for the help so far, please keep the comments coming and any suggestions for a headphone amp which would work with my NAC152xs as Naim advise on their website the Headline would not work from it.

Ian, I have just checked the Rega website and cannot find the Ear, so maybe it has been discontinued? If so I wonder why as members here seem happy with it.