Upgraditis Alert

We’re going to the Naim 200 Demonstration Day at Cymbiosis next Tuesday, (14th) for the 1000 am session to have a look at the new components.

Mrs DG has ordered me to leave the wallet at home, just in case the Upgraditis kicks in and starts to itch.

Admittedly, I’m not looking to change my Naim components, being;

  • NAC 282
  • 2 X HiCap
  • 2 x NAP 250
  • SNAXO 242
  • SuperCap

However, whilst we are there I will be having a chat about upgrading the Linn Klimax DS3 / Katalyst to the Organik DAC. Now given the cost if this is around £6400, one other upgrade to consider is upgrading to a Naim Fraim from the SimRack, as this would be around £5000.

Presently, very happy with the system, but have been reading a lot of good posts on the forum about the improvements that these can bring, so want to do a bit of investigation.

The easiest option would be the Organik, as the Fraim would involve a fair bit of reorganising the lounge due the width of it, also, I’m a firm believer of source first. Plus I would need, one base unit and six shelves to accommodate all the kit, assuming that the two NAPSCs would fit underneath the the base unit, as they do now. (But would be cheaper and can possibly, part-ex the SimRack).

Has anyone done a comparison on whether the Organik or the Fraim would offer the best improvement, as I can’t find anything similar on the forum.

Notwithstanding the above, really looking forward to next week and maybe meeting some other forum members if they are attending.


I can bet that splitting the rack into two separate stacks for brawn and brain would give a greater improvement than either, and for only the cost of a Simrak base.


That’s the problem. Not enough space to have two racks side by side. Have to compromise to go upwards as it is also our main living room.


I once had a tower of power like you, with a Fraim base and six levels. Crammed on were a CDS3 with its PS, a 552, 300 and a Naim tuner. Cable dressing was a nightmare. I then split the stack and the improvement was enormous. As well as the sonics, cable dressing was easier and it no longer looked ridiculous. Is there really no way you could do this, even if it meant putting it elsewhere? You could have shelves on the top for a table lamp or a pot plant and it could actually look far better as well as sounding much better.


I think I am safe in suggesting that that is a direct comparison few will have done… :thinking:

Opinions… maybe.


Hi @DiggyGun,

Hopefully wallet will be safe if you turn up on the 13th. :laughing::laughing: That said it does sound as if you are in the mood for a change of something.

PS Had the pleasure of working alongside RA colleagues from 2, 5, and 94 (Regts not Btys) in the past.


See if you can borrow one with an Organik. It’s a huge upgrade.

I’d also see if you can borrow a new 250 as well.

The DSM with Organik, 282/Supercap and new 250 could be a great way to go with less boxes

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Have a DSM/2, which was upgraded to Organik when it became available…a real nice improvement, more detail & clarity.

Currently have on demo, day 3, a new 250.3 running from the DSM/2 pre-amp, into 606’s…sounding pretty damn good and a much simpler system.

Looking forward to trying out the 300 monoblocs in due course, however they may need some 808’s… :thinking:

Good luck.


Since you have significantly gone down the Linn road already, I would see what their amps have to offer. Just to keep an open mind……
That would for sure reduce the box count so you can keep a single rack. I’m sure Peter could take your existing amps and Snaxo etc as part exchange and interest someone else with them.
I never got to that point but the exactbox I gives an interesting possibility for home cinema as well.
I would have seriously considered that but I would have lost too much money on my existing Naim gear


Since your first post, we’ve been doing some measuring of the lounge and thinking.

We could move the rack from the left hand side of the lounge to the right hand side, where the IKEA Kallax unit is. It would entail the re-routing of the electrical cables and sockets. Should be too bad as they are in Dado Rail trunking. Not an insignificant of repair work behind current sockets as I know there are holes in the wall from previous fittings, etc. But can be done, albeit creating some mess.

Fortunately, Mrs DG is already behind the idea of moving the rack to the right and splitting it in two. Indeed, she is already looking at new furniture to fill the space where the current rack is. Result.

Doing this would mean we can keep the existing speaker cables and trunking and at this stage would just need to buy the SimRack Base Shelf.

Mrs DG has a day off tomorrow and usually do a date day, so we will be going furniture shopping.



I think the Linn amps are oldish now and must be due for a revamp later this year/next year :thinking:

matching monoblocs to go with the new Klimax DSM ???


Hi Orac

Nice to hear that, what mob were you in?

I was in 201 Bty, 100 Regt. Unfortunately, now disbanded.


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Unfortunately, my system is active with two 250s.


That would be interesting, although the new Naim amps are a nice visual match. It’s a shame there’s no roadmap for when the 300 amps will arrive…


IMHO, I think Naim are ‘better’ at amplification and Linn are ‘better’ at streaming…

Ref 300 monoblocs (Naim), my money is on September’ish… :crossed_fingers:


Sounds positive. Two low stacks on the right would look much better, and replace the tower of power with a side table and lamp. I’d be pushing it too far to suggest removing the sofa and putting the TV on a low media unit I suppose.

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Hi @DiggyGun,
I was capbadged REME, served with the Regiments mentioned and yes sadly some of them are now disbanded.

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Mrs DG is now looking at (expensive) solid oak corner units to go in the space.

You suppose right…

I can get away with so much, that may be pushing it just a tad too far.


They found out I could count and eventually I buttoned out to the RAPC and ended up as the Battery’s Pay Sergeant.

However, the RAPC became part of the AGC in 1992, but that was a number of years after I had left.



Electronic repair was my trade. I spent the last 10 years ish of my career doing IT, mostly project and programme management not coding - coding not my forte.

To stay on track. My take on your system is that it is pretty good - well above mine. Your thoughts expressed above will just put the finishing touch to it. At least until Naim bring out some more new boxes……:grinning::grinning:

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