Afternoon experts
Thinking about the dreaded upgrade road again and I’m looking for recomendations on a new NAP. Not bothered whether its CB, Olive or Classic but its to replace my 150.
Whats the thinking?

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Nap 200 is the obvious choice. Having a HC you don’t need to worry about it being a DR version. Great amp good used examples often come up 2nd hand.

Good luck.

Not sure I can make sense of your present system… :thinking:
I think almost any NAP would be suitable. Could you stretch to a 250…?

Why dreaded? It should be fun and something to look forward to!

The 200 is the obvious partner to your 202. Assuming you use your Hicap to power the 202 you might stretch to a 250 if you have the cash.

Personally I prefer to invest in better sources first, but you would need to set your own priorities about the direction you want to take.


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I’m not a fan of the 202 and think it would be a better upgrade to go to the 82 or 282 and leave the power amp for later.


It is not clear if you already have a Nap 155XS as stated in profile.?
Indeed that is better than old 150.

Make sure to have proper speaker cable if you get Olive or CB amp, more sensitive to requirements than later classic amps.

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Watch it on here they will all jump in and say bypass 200 so so amp :thinking: 250 not much better :worried: (having said that I really enjoyed my 250 DR) Then bypass 300 :flushed: go straight to 500 I got off this insane merry go round you need to draw the line somewhere. My only new gear is the speakers. Finally collected them yesterday after 3 months wait :grinning: worth it

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The 200 is a great match for the 202. If you are looking higher up the Naim range (250, 135, 300) get a better preamp first.


Absolutely what Chris said.

A 282/200 will always sound better than a 202/250 for example. The 200 is the ideal match for a 202.


I have the 155 powering one pair of speakers and the 150 powers another pair in the room next door. It’s the 150 I’d like to change first then in the future the 155.
As for speaker cables all Naca5

If you are sticking with the 202 long term, a 200 is the ideal match. That said, I’d probably think of upping the CD source first, and changing the Hicap for a Hicap DR.

Tend to agree with HH that your source is probably the place I’d be looking to improve first. A pre-loved CDX2 would be a nice upgrade and good value.
If you are set on an amp upgrade I’d suggest a 282/150…

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