Uploading issue

I have tried about a dozen times to upload an 8 track FLAC album, done hundreds before.
It will not upload the last track. Tracks 1-7 + album cover appear fine on Explorer - no track 8
I have checked all metadata - Tracks are 1/8 -> 8/8
Album Artist - same
Tried re-converting them to FLAC, has worked with issues a few years ago.
Does anyone have any bright ideas ?
It is most infuriating - not the way to spend the day !

Uploading where?

Are there any special characters in track 8?

Or is track 8 a really long name?

Uploading to QNAP
No special characters, in fact there were dots in front of album name, which I deleted

It all looks fine to me ?!

… errr yes it does look OK.
Do you use MP3Tag, I’ve found it is excellent for finding errors, if indeed there is one.
I would look at each track individually & compare with the others in the edit sub.screen, & also look for an anomaly in with select all, if there is something, it should show you.

Thanks - I do not use it, I take it it is a free download ?
At the moment I have re-downloaded the album, and will try again, if that does not work, I will sleep on it ! - other things to do !

Thanks for reply

Yes its Open Source with a hint to make a contribution.
Its easy enough to use, but you’re using it for the first time, maybe not for your particular problem.

Just ran a few more tests
QNAP software has recently been ‘upgraded’, the upload is slightly different in appearance
I have just checked a couple of albums I uploaded yesterday.
One album is fine, the second one has 4 missing tracks once uploaded.
I deleted the album in question on the NAS & re-uploaded it 3 times.
In each case it stated

On each occasion it is the same tracks which are missing, in this case 2,7,14,15 out of a total of 18, i.e. 4 not 2
Looks like this could cause people some serious problems if they do not check as they go.
I will lodge a ticket with QNAP and see if I can make any progress.

Has anybody else got the same issues?

@Ian In your graphic, the last track is only 5Mb - so is it a short track, or a corrupt track?

Thanks - The last track is the cover photo JPEG so it is a small file

Oops, must have wonky eyes

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