Upnp control with the remote

Hello, I currently own a Uniti 2 and of course I’m interested in the new Uniti series. It would be important for me to operate the Upnp server directly via the remote control on the device. Is this possible with the new Unitiser series, or does it only have to use the app

You cannot use the remote for the UPnP, Tidal or Qobuz inputs. You have to use the app.

If u save Tidal or QoBuz albums/artists/tracks in faborite from app then u can access them from remote

If the Uniti2 is like the current streamers, the remote can control upnp transport and playlist progression functions

With the 1st gen. streamers you can also use the remote to browse your UPnP server. Why this function was dropped for the current streamers, I have no idea. It seems like a complete waste of the improved, full colour screen and fancy Zigbee remote to remove the option to navigate the most widely used input.

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Hello again,
does anyone know whether naim maybe has this option to retrofit in the future?

As far as I’m aware there are no plans to reintroduce this function to the remote.

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