Upnp issue

Hi can anyone help , I have just changed from android to apple and struggling to stream direct to Naim uniti 2 . It’s ok from the naim app. But if I want to listen from say tidal direct rather than through app , I am unable to . On my old android I had an app called bubble which was great for this . But I can’t find anything similar for the iPhone .

I believe the Bubble app is Android only. You can run BubbleUPnP server on a computer or NAS, and control that from an iPhone with a third party app.

Thanks Chris , I only use the phone to be honest . Surely there must be a way to stream direct from apple to the naim ?

In that case, with Tidal, you are really limited to using the Naim app.
To run BubbleUPnP server, you just need a computer running it on your network, but all control is through an iOS app.

Hello. You can use the app mconnect Player for iPhone, or mconnect Player HD for iPad. The app streams from Tidal or Qobuz to Uniti via Upnp. I use it myself and it works perfectly.

Thank you

Brilliant, all done and working , thank you so much .

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