UPNP Playlists issue?

I have used the Naim app to create a UPNP playlist from my NAS. I can see the playlist and tracks but it does not play and there is a yellow warning triangle by all tracks. Individual tracks just brings up message Can’t play track. Any ideas - problem at the NAS end or is the UPNP playlist function not for this purpose?
While I am on the subject is there a guide for the app anywhere?

This has been a problem with the Naim app since the day it was released. Playlists are stored on the individual iOS or Android device. It should, in theory, be possible to restore them the app backup. This was possible on the old iTunes backup system, but if there is still a way to do it, I haven’t found it.
I find a reliable way to use playlists is to create them on your UPnP server, in which case they should be visible in the UPnP input menu. The downside of this is that you can’t create playlists so quickly and easily.

The recommendation is to create plalists on the UPnP server and use the app to merely ‘launch’ a playlist.

There is no guide to the iOS app as far as I know. I found the app straightforward.
Come to think of it, I’ve never seen any iOS app wiigh a guide.

As Adam suggests, the best solution is to create playlists using your computer’s text editor e.g. notepad for windows and save the text file as a m3u playlist. I keep all my playlists in a single separate folder and cofigure the UPnP server on my QNAP NAS (Asset) to monitor this folder.

Thanks all.
I am not on IoS Android for me not that that is likely to influence the level of app guidance.
I am familiar with the creation of playlist onto NAS in fact at least one of you gave me helpful advice on that in the past. None of these playlists, in fact, appear under UPNP play.
I am still confused by this - if I press the three buttons next to a track I can then select ‘Add to…’ and this will then add track to a playlist which appears under UPNP playlists next to Radio when on ‘home’ in the app.
However the app seems not behaving consistently as the tracks that had the yellow triangle now are showing as not available as they are missing on the server or the server is offline. They are not missing nor is the NAS offline.
I have also just created a playlist of one track in this way and this track plays but now I cannot add any tracks to this as it does not appear as an option under ‘add to playlist’.
I am not finding this app that intuitive but that is probably down to functionality issues.
I assume that is this actually worked then the playlist would only be available on the device on which it was created?
I used to think I knew enough to get by in the streaming world - should I go back to vinyl :slight_smile:

Do you mean that you are able to create playlists on your NAS using the UPnP server? If so, these will not appear in the same place as playlists created on the Naim app, i.e. on the app home page. They will appear in the UPnP input (called the Server input if you have one of the new streamers) in a folder alongside others for artist, album etc.

Yes I can understand that - I can see the playlists created in this way on Minimserver for example.
Re the app itself I cannot seem to construct a playlist from my NAS music that actually works. If I managed to do so then I assume this playlist would only be available on the device on which it is created?
Thanks for the advice.

A playlist created on the app is stored in the app, so yes, you will only see it on that device. You can easily transfer it to other devices running the Naim app by opening it as a play queue.
I’m not sure if it is possible to extract the playlist in order to transfer it to other devices that do not run the Naim app. The playlists will be stored in an iTunes backup, for example, so it mat be possible.

Thanks. Understood.
I am going to cut my losses and spend some money on a years sub on Roon as this consistently works for me and has just started to support Qobuz. That way I can listen to and enjoy my music without battling with the Naim app on Android which, I think, needs a bit more work…
Many thanks for your help.

Roon could be a good option here - at a price. It has its own playlist system, from which you can add tracks from your own library, Tidal, and presumably now Qobuz too. I haven’y used it very much, but I very much doubt you’ll have problems, as what Roon does, it generally does very well in my experience.

Cheers. I am having no issues after a week over pretty heavy trialling. I obviously now will see how Qobuz goes but looks pretty nice - perhaps Naim should do a deal with Roon and skin their control point :slight_smile:

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