UPNP Playlists keep disappearing

Does anyone else have a problem with UPNP Playlists on the Naim app. I have set up quite a few (I have a Uniti Nova/Melco system), but 9 times out of 10 when I go to play one, the list is empty. Then, all of a sudden, a few tries later it reappears. There seems to be no pattern but it is very frustrating.

Not just with Naim!

Assuming you can see the playlist on the app and that the playlist is for music on your NAS/Melco then it may be that the NAS/Melco has gone to “sleep mode” and you will have to wait for it to “wake up” before it will play the tracks. Should then play all tracks.

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The problem is that the playlist itself disappears.

Apologies in advance but are you using multiple devices expecting the playlists to synchronise across them. I am not aware of the naim app having this capability as yet. There are others on the forum who were/are on the beta programme, they may be able to shed more light on your issue.

The simplest and most definitive solution is to configure the playlists in m3u format on the server (NAS or Melco, if possible).

No, just using one device (iPhone).

Can you point me to some instructions on how to do this please?

The way you do this will depend on what UPnP server you are running. Naim servers make this very easy, as you can do it on an iOS interface and the results are immediately visible in the Naim app. I’m not sure what the best way would be on your Melco, but in general, I’ve always found that playlists stored on the NAS/server are more reliable than those on the Naim app.

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As @ChrisSU points out it depends on the UPnP server, but it is not at all complicated and quite obvious. In this way, playlists are saved on the native server, control APPs always recognized them, and can be copied and exported to almost any device (PC via VLC or any other music application, DAPs, etc.). Try to see how it can be done directly on the Melco, it should be possible to make it this way for sure.

It may be technically uncomplicated, but the problem for me is that there’s no way I want to go off and fire up a computer just to add a track to a playlist, which is something I might do spontaneously whilst listening. In this respect, I think Naim have got it right by using the Naim app (for Core) or N-Serve (Unitiserve) for playlists.

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Yes, you’re right and it’s true what you’re saying, but the question is what price…, because playlists directly on APPs, whether Naim’s, Cyrus’s, or any other, are unstable, give a lot of problems and are always at the expense of third-party programming and rerpogramming. You can’t have everything…

Playlists stored on the Naim app itself do indeed seem to be unstable and prone to corruption. What I really meant was that playlists stored on Naim servers can be managed on an iOS app. These seem to be much more stable, and can be restored from backup very easily.

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Yes, indeed; but the ability of Naim servers to set up playlists is still quite limited, at least compared to the capacity, ease and friendliness of any supported NAS server.

I can’t think of any way a different server makes it easier to use playlists. Perhaps there are more sophisticated forms of playlist that other servers can create, but I have no idea what that might entail.

I set up playlists afresh on an iPad and, unlike on the iPhone, these always appear and work well. So, fingers crossed, if I set up playlists from now on using the iPad only instead of the iPhone it should work fine. It’s a bit of a pain because I had lots of playlists on the iPhone…

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