I have been successfully using an LMS (Logitech Media Server) via the Daphile OS to stream to my Muso-2. The streaming is facilitated by an LMS plugin called upnpbridge. It has worked wonderfully up until a month or so ago. I suspect my recent problem has to do with a firmware upgrade to the Muso-2 or updates to the upnpbridge. The problem I have is that the tracks in my play queue, once they are finished playing, do not advance to the next track in the queue. I have to manually advance to the next track using my controller software. I have tried posting a question on squeezebox forum and I have tried many different options in the bridge but to no avail. There are some preset bridge settings for the Uniti that I tried but they to not solve the my problem. The tracks play without any issue, it’s only that they do not move on to the next track.

If anyone is using LMS to stream to a Naim streamer and is willing to share their upnpbridge control file settings, I’d much appreciate it. Thanks.

Some background:
I still have several Logitech squeezebox players. That is why I still choose to use LMS. And I actually prefer the LMS controllers, such as Material Skin, over the Naim Android app. Qobuz, Spotify, RP work seamlessly. I have resorted to using the Naim app for the Muso-2 over the past month and kudos to the Naim team; it’s much improved over the last time I used it.

Thanks @R.K. I tried your settings. Still not advancing. I see my controller’s (Material Skin) progress bar advances to the end of the track and then it backs off a bit, advances again to the end, then backs off again and advances again, etc. This is after the track has played; there is no sound coming from the Muso once the progress bar advances to the end the first time.

Maybe it’s something unique to the Muso? I don’t think it’s a local network issue because the track plays through the Muso perfectly.

Have you tried asking on the slimdevices forum. Often really helpful advice

Yes @R.K I did post the question on the squeezebox forum. The one suggestion I had was to try the Uniti2 preset configuration. That did not work.

I would like just one controller to stream to both the squeezebox devices and the Muso. Now I am using the Naim app to stream to the Muso-2 and the LMS setup to stream to the squeezebox devices. I might try taking a look at Roon again. In the meantime, I will keep trying different options.

Or I might just take a look at Roon again.

Crossing threads but similar conclusion with older kit, the unitiserve.
I run multiroom with lms and touch/duets, but they lack 24/192 capability.
Solution is now unitiserve to play stored music on the main system and the sqbx on multiroom for radio.

I would change to untiserve for multiroom if I could get them to play from lms

I gave up trying to get this problem worked out. I decided to try the CastBridge plugin instead since the Muso-2 has built in Chromecast. The tracks advance with almost no problems now. The plugin is provided by the same developer as the UpnpBridge. The only time I see an issue advancing is when the track in the queue goes from a locally stored file to a file streamed from Qobuz or Spotify. It does not seem to do this consistently but in any case it’s a vast improvement over the behavior I was getting with the UpnpBridge.

Interestingly, I have been able to stream locally stored DSD files through the bridge without any problem. I have the bridge set to Passthrough and I was expecting the DSD files not to play. I just set this up today so I have not done much listening yet or playing with different settings. So far I’m pleased.

mm I’m running lms castbridge to a Chromecast on a Denon AV system. I hadn’t thought about trying it on the unitiserve as I’m not sure the US had an audio usb input. I think the usb is just for keyboard/mouse.
Also the Castbridge doesn’t synch on lms with sqbx players.

Hdmi converter ordered to give it a try.

Let us know how that works out. Before I set up the castbridge plugin I was thinking of ordering a USB to SPDIF converter to feed directly from my Daphile (LMS) computer into the SPDIF input of the Muso-2. I might still give that a try to see if there is any SQ difference.

Will do. Ordered but it looks as though it will come on a slow boat from China.

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