Maybe not the best time to think about it what with the worsening financial gloom(!)
but hey ho life goes on thinking of changing my 'speakers i have Focal Aria 906 stand mounts great 'speakers but have always had Sonus Faber Sonnettos up there on my wish list (yes i know there are 4ohm),point is are they really an upgrade ? my listening room is an average 4m x 3m (appx) 'speakers firing across the room amplification is Naim Nait XS2 or my one of my faithful Brit built Audiolab 8000a/s also like the look of the PMC stand mounts haven’t had any auditions as yet
or just stick with what ive got ?

I use a pair of PMC 25.21’s with my Nova so would definitely work well with an XS2. Great speakers

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Speakers should always be listened to at home before purchase but fwiw when I bought my pmc 25.21i c/w dedicated stands to match my nait xs3 it was the biggest leap forward in sq I have ever experienced. All other upgrades have been subtle to say the least.
But I stress you should use your own ears in your own room before committing.


Thats a given but thanks!

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I had the Sonus faber Lumina 3 at home for a couple of months, thoroughly enjoyed them.

We run SF Sonetto iii they’re excellent all rounders and excel with fine details.

Same here. I went from Dynaudio Emit to PMC 25.21i, noticeable upgrade indeed. The 906’s may be a touch warmer than the PMC’s though, so listen first. The good thing is that both speakers sound very well from the same distance, so you wouldn’t have to move the couch.

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The question to answer is why you want to upgrade. Do you not like your current speakers? I’d suggest that you look at improving your CD player first. A Flatcap 2x or 2XS will give a big lift to the CD5X, and the Nait XS too. Or maybe you could swap to a CDX2. The PMCs are very revealing and really benefit from good electronics, and possibly more drive than the Nait XS can provide. Reviews of the Sonetto 1 also mention their revealing nature, so you may have similar issues there. They do look lovely though.

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My CD is a 5xs coupled with a Flat Cap xs (both keepers!) the Focals are superb just wonder if they are too big for my room the issue i have with Naim electronics is the advice to keep them on 24/7 which in this day of sky rocketing energy prices isnt an option! love the Sonnetto’s beautiful Italian craftsmanship but get the PMC’s too

Ah, the Flatcap wasn’t mentioned in your profile! If you think the Focals are superb, then surely you have your answer…. It’s what you think that matters, not anybody else. Are they too big? Not if they sound superb. Do you have boomy bass? If it’s tight and there is no overhang I wouldn’t worry.

As to the Naim sounding best when left on, that’s a different issue. You can save a lot more, both cash and CO2, by driving less and turning down your thermostat.

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Changing speakers will most likely give you a shift in tonal variation but it’s not obvious what you want to change. At the very minimum you must home demo the alternatives.

Good luck.

Point taken keep in mind ‘if it aint broke why fix it?’ the Focals dont sound too shabby through my Audiolab 8000a, as for the electricity issue im trying to make a serious point im retired so every pound counts, drive less then 3k a year and dont listen to music every hour of the day

Maybe a pre-loved Naim DAC to upgrade your CD player? Doesn’t cost the world, but should give you a big smile… And on top of that, the Naim DAC comes in the right size for your system — just in case you have a bit of black box OCD… :crazy_face:

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If you decide to investigate speakers, it would be worth finding an Audiovector dealer for a home demo. I tried PMC (admittedly floorstanders) with Audiolab and Naim and found the bass lacked precision and became a little strident. Found the Audiovectors a much better combination.

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Budget interconnect option … Roland Gold MIDI cables…. I’ve had a couple of weeks comparing these & a borrowed Naim 5-pin the dealer wants $300 for….

The $25 Roland sounds no different. Recommend

That’s an idea will def consider that a used DAC on Ebay going for 900 seems a bit pricey?

That’s an idea rather taken with the QR1s never heard a ribbon tweeter speaker before and like the sound of the brand a pair on Ebay ex dem for 899

Seen Naim DACs in very good condition and not too old going for between £800 and £900.

In addition to eBay (tends to be pricier…), have a regular look at the fishy place where prices are better — and people are nicer. It’s a good place to buy used gear.

It’s not clear “on paper” whether a Nait XS2 will be enough amp to drive those to your satisfaction and to their best output. The good news is that they are rated by the manufacturer at 90db sensitivity, but also rated at a nominal 4 ohm. If at all possible please try to get them in your home, or get to the dealer with your amp.

Otherwise it’s likely you’ll be back with a thread about the Supernait 3!

Financial gloom? This is the 2020’s and it’s champagne and caviar forever. Nothing can possibly go wrong…