Upsamling in Roon to ND5 XS 2

Having a bit of spare time a work I started to read about upsampling. This got me thinking:
I use Roon and have a Naim ND5 XS 2 as DAC/Streamer.
Would it be any point to use ROON’s DSP to upsample when playing song of cd quailty (44.1KHz) to say 176kHz or higher multiple of 44?
As I understand it upsampling can sometimes, depending on the DAC, sound better due to "less need(?) or other type of filtering (less step filtering?) of digital noise when you have upsampled.
Perhaps someone can explain this better than I can.

I also wonder if the ND5 XS 2 do upsampling internally?

So would it make sense to upsample in ROON when using a ND5 XS2?

I will try it when this weekend when I have time. Trusting your ears is always best but I would also like to know if this theoretical could make sense.

All opinions, experiences or explanations are appreciated.


Presumably you saw the PSA Video :blush: - interested to know the results!

I sure did.

I use the Sample rate conversion “Max PCM rate(power of 2)”. Hard to tell the difference but I’ve been running this way for a few months now so I guess I like it. :slight_smile:

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It would be useful to establish the optimum here - although the ND5XS2 will accept up to 384/32 (in common with all the ‘new platform’ streamers I think), the DAC is a PCM1791A, which is 192/24. And the input is processed through the 40bit SHARC DSP anyway. I’ve read that limiting bit depth to 24 is ‘better’ - but I’ve not seen any convincing reasons why it might be better…

Of note I only use the ND5XS2 for streaming(new tech) as I have a nDAC for D/A conversion. Still close enough. To be honest most of the time I can’t tell the difference when upsampling (or is it upscaling) I’m just so used to it.

For me I up sample in Roon to max to power of 2 with Nd5xs2 set up for 24 bit and it just sounds right, tad more spacious than with it off.

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I think then you are both upsampling to 384, then downsampling to 192…

What do you hear if you set max rate to 192?

I’ve not tested much - not sure I have enough black boxes to tell - but generally let the ND5XS2 do whatever it wants, with the caveat that I run volume levelling in Roon so it is sent a 32bit feed. I guess I could limit it to 24bit. It would send fewer bits!

I have not tried 192 max but will !

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