Uptone Ether Regen initial impressions

I’ve had this switch 5 days. Verizon router connected via blue jeans cable horizontal in-wall cable to wall plate next to hifi. BJC cat 6a from wall plate to ER A port. Ubiquiti UniFi ac lite wireless access point connected to A port. BJC cat 6a from B port to xpsdr which hooks up to my ndx2. Rest of system 01/52/supercap/135s - all on Fraim with Powerlines all around. Speakers Kudos Titant88 s.
I also use Chord Sarum T from ndx2 to 52.
Prior to the ER my switch was Ubiquiti switch8. I’ve only had my ndx2 for 2 months and this is my first streaming experience. Prior to the ndx2 I used cds2 with same xpsdr. The CDS 2 (also with Chord Sarum T) sounded fab.
My initial experience using the ndx2 was that it sounded very good but at times sounded slightly harsh, especially at higher volumes and especially with lower resolution recordings (44/16). At times maybe a very subtle hash overlying the music. I’m using Qobuz btw.
Since getting the ER there are quieter backgrounds and I can listen much longer without aural fatigue. I’m not talking jaw dropping change btw. In short I am able to enjoy the music more than with the old switch. But to my ears a very worthwhile upgrade for a “relatively” small cost.
I realize that the possibility of expectation bias exists… but I’m happy with my purchase. I still have time to change my mind and get full refund, but somehow don’t think the ER will be going back.
Ps. It does run warm but no warmer than the Ubiquiti switch.

I use all Ubiquity network, router, switches and aps. Not found it harsh at all in my system to my Atom or my headphone setup funny how it seems to be system home dependant. I do run the switches at the hifi ends of the network via PoE though from the US8 60w main switch so not using the switching PSUs at the hifi ends not sure if that makes any difference or not though. Enjoy your new switch.

Glad you are finding the addition of the ER to your system beneficial as many of us hereabouts have also found. You have the added option of powering it with a linear power supply in the future should you wish to add the icing on the cake. Plenty of discussion of that in other threads. Give the ER about a month to gradually come fully on song.

will Michael, my system is sounding so good right now, cant imagine it getting much better.
Re adding LPS… need to digest this purchase of the ER. Will likely live with this for awhile and then reconsider. Thank goodness for my Naim system- will make this cold winter during the pandemic alot more tolerable.
Good thing I like to listen to music and read- 2 activities I can enjoy indoors.
I have been using the internet radio via my NDX2- my wonderful 01 has been sitting there getting no use. I might consider selling it but it is such a cool source and if I lose my internet I would still have music. So for now the 01 stays. Some of the radio stations on the NDX2 sound really good, especially since adding the ER

Excellent, I have to say that my newly serviced NAT05 beats BBC streams on the 555 so I am sure your 01 would do too. Of course the choice of radio on the web is vast and some of the stations do sound amazing.

Glad you’re enjoying it.

I had the same feeling when I tried one.

But then after 20 days I took it out and found it was no better than my PoE Ciscos.

Others hereabouts have had similar experiences.

And some others have not.

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