Uptone etheregen in the chain experiences

Hi all

having just really gotten into quobuz and streaming been watching the switch threads with great interest and watched the uptone etheregen review Hans Beekhuyzen

interested in improving my streaming quality and looking at switches to complement, currently still have a Netgear GS108 albeit fed from a LPS ,then a GISO lan isolater before my melco N1A/2 (recently moved the GISO lan isolator to this position and found it made noticeable difference to sound on the melco and when streaming quobuz)

like the look of the etherregen and curious on peoples experience of network connection setup when running a melco/innuous type product (having just ordered my self a innuous zenith mk3 so can use roon and quobuz on my NDS)

i saw that both frenchrooster and darkebear reported some success with the etherregen in this type of setup and also read of others placing the etherregen after the player port on the melco/innuous with positive results too

views / experiences with the etherregen so far welcomed thankyou :slight_smile:

As you pointed, @Darkebear and me are enjoying the ER.
@Darkebear use 2 Cisco 2960 in the chain, with the ER. Stock ps.
Michaelb uses ER in cascade , with a 2 rails Sean Jacobs linear ps.
MidnightRambler uses also cascade ER, with Sean Jacobs ps. And a Mutec clock, if remember well.
Quinn_MIT tried it but didn’t enjoyed it.

I use mine with MCRU pinnacle linear ps, without any other switch in the chain ( apart the switch of the Melco n1z2, connecting my Nds). The ER is connected to my router and the Melco is connected to the ER.

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Thankyou you. I learn so much/ find things to try out from this forum all the time.

Did you try the ER after the Melco so it connected to your nds??? Read some people who have done so and claimed a more noticeable difference I.e. went router > switch > melco/innuos > ER> nds/nd555 /streamer

I haven’t spent much effort at all on optimising my network to date so am keen to start :slight_smile:

I tried but prefer the Nds to Melco connecting via Ethernet. Only the Melco is on the ER.

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thanks i have ordered the ER is on back order till 27th July , but feel as though worth the wait :wink:


It’s probably the best I’ve tried so far, though I don’t have a Melco. It’s pretty good in its stock configuration but if you like it and can afford a good big linear power supply it makes a big difference, as does a reference clock for a lot more money. MidnightRambler uses a SoTM. I may try a Mutec, though I’m now starting to get very tired of all the experiments. When your arrives prefer for it to flesh iut and nature from a slightly strident beginning over the first 100 or so hours.

how do you have you ER setup?? i know french rooster mentions cascade but what is meant by that i.e. switch > ER > streamer???


It means an over-the-top use of two! :slight_smile: Like this:

Broadband Router -> EtherRegen 1 -> EtherRegen2 -> Naim ND555
Roon Nucleus+ ->

wowser like turning it upto ‘11’ on the volume dial!!!

also just seen how much a SoTM reference clock costs… :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

I have had etherregen for about a month and installed it originally Cisco/etherregen/Melco lan port/Melco player port/ nd555.
I have now changed to cisco/Melco lan port /Melco player port/etherregen/nd555. Initial impressions positive, cleaner and more relaxing presentation. Will stick with this for a while I think.

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interesting worth trying before and after a melco/innuous then

cant wait for my innuous and ER arrive and see how it effects my NDS streaming :slight_smile:

Have you tried to remove the Cisco from the chain ? For me the sound is better with the ER alone.

Not yet. If I remove it from the Cisco I will still need to connect into a netgear Orbi satellite. Will try at some point.

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Got time to do some comparisons this week on position of switch in the chain and with different cables. I have now settled on cat snake belden 6a to etherregen, Etherregen out vodka to Melco n10 and diamond from N10 to nd555. The etherregen before melco provides a slightly more natural flow to the music. I also tried the new cat snake 6a as replacements for the vodka and diamond. The music lost some separation and bass weight. However, from a value for money perspective they are very good cables. I will run them in more and re-try in the future but the vodka and diamond stay for me in my system for the time being.


great to hear, ended up with same etherregen before melco as frenchrooster and darkebear

must say cannot wait for my etherregen to arrive and try with my zenith with roon and streaming quobuz

Let us know your findings when you receive it @mbj666, will be arriving soon I imagine!

has arrived, still burning it in but have to say made immediate difference when placed it in front of my innuos zenith mk3, in terms of where it sits in chain for context have following setup currently

modem > netgear 8 port switch with ifi plug > audioquest cinnamon ethernet 8m cable > GISO GB network isolator > netgear GS108 swich fed by a LPS (muso qb and sonore upnp fed off this switch) > audioquest cinnamon ethernet cable > ER > audioquest diamon ethernet cable > innuos zenith mk3

quite a lengthy chain as have a lot of network hard war hanging of the first switch

initial impressions were immediate and obvious (especially when i was recently demoing the DAVE DAC in my system Vs my NDS), definitely removed a level of noise and some digital harshness with marginal more detail which i was surprised at when running HiRes files direct from the innuos. The big difference though is when streaming quobuz which with the ER significantly closed the gap from a SQ perspective compared to local streaming (local streaming still better but quobuz streaming sounds pretty damn good now)

would say if your a serial music streamer audition of the ER is a must in your system

sure will fold and get the MCRU level 3 LPS for it too down the line aswell…


Or a CHC DC3…


Perhaps you can’t do in other way, but if you would be able to go straight from the modem to ER then NDS and Innuos, without the complicated chain you have, you would probably observe a better sound still.
Try also to remove the Giso if you receive the lps for ER, to compare.
IMHO, I found better sound with a direct chain, with just the ER and linear ps.

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thx some useful stuff to try / tinker with there, every day a school day

would be able to go from modem > 8m cinnamon ethernet to my Gs108 switch with the LPS > ER
is only real viable due to walls/location of audio kit, 0.75m length of the audioquest diamond, etc

will try with / without the GISO GB, last time was better in but worth trying again direct from modem

was also toying about getting another iFi plug for the modem TBH (or whether to swap out the GS108 with the good ol cisco 8TC, guess overtime if was feeling flush could go double ER or EE switch to the ER :flushed:…)