UQ2 into SN1

Which is a better sounding system?

  1. UQ2 as a Preamp into SN1, or
  2. UQ2 as a source into SN1 with HCDR?

Thank You

The latter should be better as you’ve introduced a hicap for cleaner power and benefiting from the supernait preamp stage.

You can’t bypass the uq2 preamp. All you can do is leave the volume control fixed or variable.
So your options are: uq2 fixed into line level input (supernait volume), or uq2 variable into the av input with av bypass switch on (uq2 volume).

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Uq2 has digital out and sn1 digital inputs.


Adding to this: a Hicap DR improves the SN1 significantly. Its one of the biggest upgrades I’ve heared in Naim space. The Pre-amp & Dac both improve. Though I’ve never ran a UQ2 into a SN1, I have used my PC and other streamers into my SN1 + HCDR and it was great.

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I tried this method but the Dac from UQ2 is better. Ty

Do you have any knowledge that the HCDR can be connected to the SN1 with the UQ2 as the Preamp? Ty in advance

Hi, if you want to use the uq2 as preamp into the supernait as power amp, there’s no point adding a hicap - you would be powering the supernait preamp which isn’t doing anything.

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Thanks for your advice @robert_h

As you already list your system as UQ2 and SN1 it would seem like you are contemplating buying a HiCap?

If I am correct then I would be looking to trade the UQ2 and buying a dedicated streamer.

A used NDX would fit the bill nicely and after the sale of the UQ2 and using the finds from the proposed HiCap may even turn in a small profit!

Alternatively for a bit more a new ND5XS2 would fit in nicely too if you would prefer moving to the newer streaming platform.


I just bought a used HCDR and hooked into the SN1. The improvement made were better dynamic, clarity and lower floor noise. Interesting findings. I believed a Power line may improved the bass some more.


My SN1 also improved tremendously with a Hi-Cap.

I’m not sure what benefit you’d receive with what you’re proposing re: UQ2 as a pre.

I have not tried the UQ2, so I can’t speak to its capabilities as a source, but the ND5XS was a substantially better source than the SN1’s DAC.

You can definitely find better sources out there.
I picked up an nDAC used and haven’t looked back. :slight_smile:

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I have a UQ2 as a small system. Previously, a Dac-V1 was connected to the SN1 as a source but was sold.

Hence, I am curious to find out how would it sound like with the UQ2 as a Pre to the SN1. The recent additional of a HCDR into the SN1 proved that its a good combo with UQ2 as a source.
I may stayed this way but still curious to know how the it sound like with UQ2 as a Pre. Will test it out once I have my broken Hiline(RCA>Din4-pins) back from my dealer.

Few years back, I also sold my nDac but regretted it terribly.


I’m thinking of getting one and pair it with my SN1 or original Nait 5. I’m especially looking forward to try a nDac with the Nait 5 and some easy loudspeakers.

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An XPS should enhanced it further.

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