UQ2/Naim Dac vs NDX2?

I’m currently running the uq2 into Naim Dac - wondering if the NDX2 will perform better…
Anyone done the demo?
This is for a second system - hapiliy running ND555 in the he first system…

I have no idea which you would prefer. I can only speculate about how a better DAC with an inferior transport would compare to the NDX2. Let us know how it goes if you do the demo.
If you want the new streaming tech, an alternative would be to run an ND5XS2 into the NDAC. That would be cheaper that an NDX2, and possibly better sounding.

I prefered a mac mini with a decent spdif converter into the Ndac v the NDX1. Ndac 555 with a decent transport still remains a fine source and great value for money

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Audiophilleo + PurePower is superb. My PurePower charges off the nDAC rear USB when not playing.


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