UQ2 updated problem

Hello friends
I’ve been trying to update my UQ2 everything went ok until this message (attc. Pic) apearred.
Would love to hear your inputs

Have you pressed the Retry button?

Yes i did, 2-3 times.
It did intially recognised the ip address without any problem

OK thanks. Perhaps @tomvamos can advise.

Well, 4.8 is updated but now the app is jusst messed up.
I do have the 22.2.1 version.
Spotify connect is working but everything else through the app is just not working.

Have you powered everything down - including router etc… - closed down app and re-started and given everything a bit of time too sort itself out?

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Did that as well,
I own it for 6 years and know my way with Naim but something like this never haplened to me.
Im so frustrated with it.
Is there any way to roll things back?
I feel sonething is wrong and im in a loop.
Spent already hours on it.

OK, well probably one for the Support techs then.

If you have showing as the installed streamer firmware (you can check in the app), then one thing you could try would be a factory reset of the UQ2. You do that using the remote, spanner/wrench key and follow the menu to find “factory reset”. It takes only a couple of minutes.

You can go back to an earlier version of firmware, by finding the updater on the Naim website (look under Support and then Software Updates). But I suspect that won’t help you much and should work fine in a UQ2.

I am suspicious that the 4.8 updater had difficulty at the streamer update stage, which is the part that is delivered over the Ethernet/WiFi connection. It sounds to me that your network isn’t working properly.

Do i have to send them a mail or they read this thread?

Is it possible to restart the all process even if the 4.8 is already shown. Means to re install it over the recent one?

Yes that is no problem. On the old green screen units, you can go back just by running the relevant update. But you shouldn’t need to do it.

You have to send them an email or phone them. They don’t read the forum routinely bd they are very busy currently. They return to work on Monday.

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