Uq2 +xs2 or sn2 vs Nova

Hello Naim enthousiasts,

My setup right now is a unitiqute 2 which I use with a Rega Elicit-r. The qute is plugged in line in of the Rega, so the Rega is used with the preamp and amp. Actually the Rega is at servicing for weeks because of a hiss on right speaker and a power supply Humm(maybe my home bad current). Kinda bored to deal with that and wait for some news from the tech. I’m thinking getting another amplifier for the Qute2. There are some second hand XS2 around. Or maybe another Rega(Aethos).

The other possibility is move to a uniti nova.

Which way you prefer? Nova or Uq2 + xs2 or sn2.

Can’t wait to have your feelings about that.


Of your suggestions, I personally would go for the Nova. A great all in one unit that is an end game for many.


Recently swapped a Star for an Aethos, albeit for an analogue system. The Aethos is more a competitor for the SN than XS or Nova in my opinion.

Nova for what its designed for is a compelling argument.

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LRJH, you use a dac/streamer with the Aethos or just a turntable?


If you keep the Qute2 you don’t really need an integrated amp as you are then passing the signal through two preamps. The preamp out is intended to be used with a separate power amp, which would be better value than an integrated if you need more power.

I’d be looking at an ND5XS2 and Nait XS3, and selling the Qute. The power amp of the Qute as you are using it is redundant, and the ND is a far superior source.

First i connected the Unitiqute2 via Direct input to Rega Elicit-r, which means i bypassing the REGA pre amp. Then, my Dealer told me the REGA preamp is better than the Qute Preamp, so he suggested me to connect the Naim via an AUX line in on the REGA(2 pre amp). No idea which one is the best solution. My dealer suggestion seems logical since the REGA Preamp is supposed to be better but i should try to listen both way to see which one i prefer!

Certainly worth experimenting with these options, but as you are using the Qute preamp whether you like it or not it seems a bit pointless to buy another preamp you don’t need. Possibly irrelevant as if you have the budget you might be better off replacing the Qute. This would give you a source upgrade as well as better amplification, and opens up more quality streaming options.

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99% using turntable, I have connected my A&K Kann Cube for streaming duites until I pick up a ND5XS2

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