US Finally Getting Supernait 3's

After a wait of more than 2 months to get my pre-ordered SN3, I have been told my dealer will have it next week.
I hope it’s worth the wait. I’m happy with my SN2 but the cost to upgrade was reasonable and I know the value of my SN2 will drop as soon as the US market is flooded with SN2 trade-in’s.


Let us hear a review and comparison against your SN2 when you got it :blush:

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I’ll try but I’m returning my SN2 to the dealer when I get my SN3. It would be better if I could keep both for a while but can’t do it.

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This ordering stuff without auditioning to it first reminds me a lot of the prearranged marriages we have in the Middle East.


I think Naim have had some problems with the volume and balance knobs ( not the alps pot) from a quality perspective, affecting uk deliveries as well. So hopefully all sorted and full steam ahead.

Left channel on my SN3 got totally silent one day to the other. It’s like one channel got stuck in mute when I unmuted. Now awaiting repair instructions a from Naim.

I’m coming from an SN2 so I know pretty much what I’m getting.

Yes, North America is finally getting some love :slight_smile:

I don’t know what to tell you… In my experience, the SN3 has little to do with the SN2 beyond the brand; it’s as if they designed it and produced a different piece of equipment, and if the mark was blinked, or in a blind test, I am convinced that many ears would not even classify it as Naim, or at least not close to the SN2. Personally, I prefer the direct and forward sound of the SN2 over the relaxed and laidback of the SN3; but, for tastes, colors.


Thanks for your input @newcomer. To be honest not too many folks in North America have even heard/auditioned the new SN3 yet.


So far as I know, only the amplifier section of the SN3 is different than the SN2 and that’s basically changes to the output stages. The slew rate has been doubled which should provide more speed and tighter bass.
I had the chance to be an early implementer of the SN3 so I took it because the value of my SN2 is going to drop significantly once SN2 trade-in’s hit the US market.

On paper, it seems to be so; but in practice, changes in sound and attack are important. But, well, it finally looks like you’ll be able to experience it soon…

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My long time friend and Naim dealer has convinced me that it’s worth the swap. He wouldn’t tell me that just to make a sale. He was the first Naim dealer in the US to get an SN3 and he demoed it at the 2019 RMAF.
It’ll be another couple of weeks before I get the SN3. It seems all I do is wait. I was hoping a return to Naim would give me some stability but not so.


Naim nerver went back in their product history…

Can you name me one product that Naim make an upgrade but fail to do it better thab the last one ?

I have a SN3 and the attack decay and the “naturalness” of is nimblebess is incredible.

That’s not too bad. I was trying to get a Muso 2 in my country but the Muso 1 is still being pushed as the latest and Naim didn’t even have a rough idea when that range would finally hit the shelves here. That’s nearly a year behind!

In my humble opinion, the Nait 3 was clearly a much better amp than its replacement the Nait 5, the same can be said about their matching CD players, the 3.5 being much more musical than the 5.

I’m having my own U.S. Naim adventure. My 300DR arrived today. We’ll, not quite. Just the head unit. The 300PS is still on a FedEx truck in another state. I went to pick it up and the dealer goes, “oops”! The 300PS is now supposed to arrive tomorrow. Focal-Naim NA did ship them as a pair but they got separated en route. :roll_eyes:


I enquires about a Qb 2 for my daughter. Only 1 supplied to date to our biggest city in NZ. Dealer basically said, forget it.

In our case @Mike_S, I don’t think we need to feel bad if we source them out of country. If they’re not available where we respectively are and we buy direct from the UK or wherever, we aren’t taking money away from local dealers because they don’t have any to sell us in the first place.

Oddly enough I was also looking for a Qb-2 for my daughter. Compact with a nightlight built in, I’d hoped to put her to bed with English stories playing.

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Well, sounds like par for da course!

Naim is famous for their amps:

Toe Tapping in your face PRAT!

Olive > Black Box > DR Technology
SL > DR Pre > DR Amp

That’s right, more refined!
Leaner, faster, and quieter!

If they could only get rid of the infamous Hum!!!

PS. The UDP LX 500 ain’t bad, wish they would release the LX 800 to da States😪

It’s been nearly a year! AV