US power cord, Supernait2 lost

Hi all, need some help. We moved and lost the power cord. Cant do 1k for the Powerline right now. Any idea where I can get a replacement in the US?

I see in the UK, it’s Well Shin but most likely different here.
Thanks in advance.

I have purchased from AVoptions for my AC Cords for my SN2, NDX 2 & XPS DR.

They also service NAIM gear.

Information found here Prices range from $40 to $219

The product that I purchased was TibiaPlus12 Deep-Cryo AC Cable (6 ft.) and you will find reviews on their website.


Thank you seakayaker! Buying now.

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lookup iceageaudio go for the copper- copper 10 awg

it wonderful

doesn’t cost much too ( relatively )

i use it with SN2 here in India

( I made sure the wiring was proper Line to Line - N to N and earth to earth )

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The standard naim power cables are the ones that should be used.

Nowadays it’s the powerline lite

It isn’t too expensive

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You’re going to get your post edited for linking to a commercial site.

But yes, AVOptions can hook you up.

AVOPTIONS are Naim approved servicers, so I’ll allow the info link here.

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