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Hi there, my first query here. I have a new Naim Uniti Star and wanted to use bluetooth headphones on occasions. I realised the bluetooth on the Star is input only, therefore I ordered a USB adaptor to connect. I have paired with the adaptor and my laptop, but on attempting to use the device on the Star I can’t get any sound. My question is does the Star USB supply audio as well as data and power, in which case I guess I’d need an adaptor with other connects like RCA or phono.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Apologies if this question has been answered elsewhere on the forum, but I haven’t found one.

The USB is an input so that won’t work.

Thanks for your speedy response, however does that apply to front and rear USB? How come I can use the rear USB to rip to a hard drive if it’s input only?

Why not use a 3.5mm to BT adapter via the headphone socket? They exist… btdt.

USB is a bit more than just in- or output. The host device, i.e. the Naim in this case, needs to know how to communicate with the device you connect to it. The physical USB is just one link in that chain. The host must recognize the device as first a new communication device, i.e. Bluetooth, and then instantiate drivers to communicate with it. Then offer a means to pair the Bluetooth device with your headphones and finally offer this new renderer as an output. All this is made easy for us in modern operating systems such as Windows, Linux or MacOS, which will allow you to install drivers not already present, either by automatically downloading them or prompting you for a disk with drivers. Many devices have drivers embedded in them for common operating systems to make life even easier.

Thanks, but I was trying to find a ‘hidden’ option, one on the rear of the Star rather than the front!

So, I’d take it that the Star needs a power-off situation, connect the USB transmitter and restart so the USB device can be recognised and then paired. I’ll give that a try later. Thanks for your comments.

Tried all manner of options, still can’t get a signal from the Star’s USB. Looks like I’m going to continue a discussion online with Avantree to get them to refund. Oh, joy!

I wouldn’t know a Bluetooth transmitter if I tripped over it, but with the help of Mr Google I’ve found a Sennheiser box for £65. It has a 3.5mm analogue socket, so with a 2 phono to stereo 3.5mm jack you could connect to the preamp output. Easy.

Thanks HH, I think someone on another thread has mentioned this device, I’ll look at it.

Not quite what I meant to say :slight_smile:. I don’t know what is inside a Unity but I am fairly confident that it is a dedicated computer and not a general purpose one, which means that it is unlikely to have an operating system with user loadable drivers.

I’m sure you’re correct in the assumption about the computer inside the Uniti. I’m out of options in getting the bluetooth transmitter to work, so I’ll have to assume there is no sound output via the USB. The transmitter does work as I’ve mentioned in my first posting, just not seemingly with the Naim. Thanks for all your input.

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