USB Capacity

I understand that max number of tracks on USB is 20,000. I am approaching that and wondered what happens when I exceed that limit???

Misery when you get the error No Reply, so lets Come Together, Twist, and Shout “Dont Let Me Down!, Whats Going On”

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@GadgetMan, you saw the avatars name…

Sir, if you are approaching that number , soon you’ll find out. :clown_face:

I’ll let you know what happens!!!:hugs:

Deal. I’m curious too

You will hopefully be redirected to a good UPnP server like MinimServer or perhaps you will be damned to stay with Naim’s UPnP server (and your 20K tracks) until the end of your days. Who knows, Naim’s UPnP servers are fully undocumented!

That’s why I’m curious…:thinking:

My guess is that nothing will happen. Naim’s UPnP server will keep on working with more than 20k tracks without major problems. Still, you could do yourself a favor and use a better UPnP server before you touch that limit. This would also allow you to organize and browse your music collection in a significantly better way and, finally, a much better listening experience.

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