USB Connection to Uniti Star

I have plugged in a T5 Samsung Portable SSD to my Uniti Star, but cannot see it as USB Connection. I can find it as a Server. I have reformatted both the SSD and the Naim, followed suggestions here Uniti Star - Can’t find my connected USB hard drive but no connection.

This seems to be a known fault, but cannot find a fix. Any thoughts

If you plug in a usb memory stick loaded with music files does that appear when you select usb? I have a hardrive connected to the rear usb and that appears as “local drive” and a memory stick with an album copied from iTunes plugged into the front usb which appears under “usb” as “front”.

Have you configured the drive as a Music Store?
If not go to settings then to Manage Music, Configure music store and you will be given options to configure it.

hey there, yes, and then did again with a USB stick. I have ripped a CD to the USB stick, which I can see under Servers\local, but still cannot see under USB. It’s a mystery

yes did this, and no it doesn’t see it, except as a music store under servers\local. Still no recognition of USB

I suspect that if you format the drive or usb stick as a “music store” the uniti star sees it as a Local Drive not a usb. If you just plug in a “normally” format usb stick that has a music file on it (I just copied an album fro my iTunes on my Mac) I think it will show up under usb.

Another thought, have you tried both the front and back USB ports?

well look at that, I can now see the USB and the small number of music files on it. No meta data is showing, which makes it a bit ugly, but small steps it seems. I have another SSD as a back up offsite so will try that in the next few days. Thanks for help

Yes, metadat is not handled well in the USB input. Just use the Server input instead.

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