USB flash drive size limitation for Muso Qb Gen 1 or Naim NDS?

what file system was on that SSD disk? As far as i have been led to understand, the Qb gene 1 at least, only accepts FAT32 disk file system?

Thanks Richard. As a matter of interest, what is the reason for the restriction of disk file system to FAT32 given that the bigger USB disks seems to come with different file system?


Many years ago but i must have been FAT32 as i recall having to download some conversion software.

No idea I’m afraid Ken. Best asked of one of the Naim techs.

Microsoft introduced exFAT in 2006 but it remained proprietary until 2019, when Microsoft published the specifications and released the related patents under certain terms to other companies. It could not be freely implemented before then (the Linux kernel did also not include official support until 2019). As the Qb and NDS predate this, it could not be included when they were new, and adding it in an update (as was done for the new streamers) may have been impossible or deemed not worth it by Naim.

FAT32 is old, simple, and due to that running with little resources as well.
Older systems could use e.g. NTFS as another option (my TV from 2011 does), but that’s a much more complex system to implement.