USB in on ND5 XS

Small question about my ND5 sx. Does the USB in. Only allow USB sticks? Or also USB Harddrive’s ? And if so up to how many gb? tb?
Thnx already

The Online Support guide says

ND5 XS 2 can play audio files from USB mass storage devices such as USB pen/flash drives and USB hard discs. Browsing of files located on the USB device can only be done via the Naim app.

It doesn’t say how big, but it does support exFAT file system. I use a 256MB Flashdrive without issues

That’s the current ND5XS2. The original ND5XS doesn’t have the same abilities using the USB input, and is really intended to connect iOS devices and USB memory sticks, on which they cannot generally read metadata.

my apologies :blush:

Please see the manual. As has been mentioned, you can navigate through the file structure, but the unit does not interrogate the metadata.

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