Usb ndx2

Thinking of using the rear USB port of my NDX2 to power a small light for cueing my tonearm.

Anyone noticed does using the usb power affect maximum performance of the NDX?


You could try it and report back.

I think I’d recommend getting a usb rechargeable battery type thing, and running from that instead. You can keep topping up the charger. I’m assuming you want to avoid another power supply plugged in close to the hifi.
This kind of thing:


Presumably you won’t be using the light when you are listening to the NDX2, so it shouldn’t matter I would have thought

First you need to ensure that the 12W that the Naim USB output provides is sufficient for the device you want to power.
When I discussed this idea with Naim a couple of years ago they strongly advised against it. I doubt it will cause any real problems, but maybe worth unplugging it when the streamer is playing.

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Another solution: head torch.

I’d buy a USB chargeable clip on light from Amazon for about £10.
Use one over my TT.

Sounds like the best solution

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