USB on Uniti Star - how common are some of the problems described here?

I’m on the point of buying a Uniti Star. One thing that gives me pause is the number of queries on this forum which ask about USB drives which are accessible initially, used for ripping to, and then become inaccessible (even through the ‘Servers’ view). There’s also the post from Sevs which talks of dropouts while playing music stored on USB-attached storage (worst on 8TB HDD, but still occurring on 2TB SSD).

How common are these experiences? Have most of you encountered problems like this or are they unfortunate exceptions?

Not had any problems with 300+ rips since start up last August.

No problems at all, with about 1 year’s usage.

Thanks. Good to hear.

Thanks, IainB - it’s always difficult to get problem reports into perspective. Helps to hear from satisfied users!

I don’t have a Star, but I do read a lot of posts in the forum, especially where people have an issue that I might be able to help with.

I don’t remember the Star as having any particular problems. There is a thing about people who have a Star wanting to use their music store on a USB stick or HDD with other more expensive Naim streamers, but that is not a bug but a feature and easily worked round.

I should go for it if I were you.



Ive had my star 2 years and no problems. I use a Ext Hdd plugged into the rear USB. You haveto format it as a music store first. I then either rip to it or transfer in from my pc`

I did have a problem with a 2TB drive. The answer I was given was that 2TB was actually too big for the Star. I’ve since switched to a 256GB and have had no issues at all (have ripped about 250 CD’s).

Why not get a nice NAS. Put it on your network and rip from computer to it. I’m sure the star can use it.

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