USB peculiarity

I’ve just ripped two CD’s on to a USB stick.
Both will play from and with the stick still in, the laptop.

When I transfer the stick to my ND5XS2, one will play, the other will not.

If I try to play the “faulty” CD through my ND5XS2 from the laptop via Wifi, the laptop displays “faulty device”.

Any ideas?

How do you play a cd “through” the Naim player “from the laptop?”

It sounds like the usual problem - faulty usb stick - is not your issue here. USB sticks vary widely and sometimes some just don’t work right.

Do the filenames on the faulty album have a “&” character in its filename


Yes! Did an edit and solved the issue!

You are the very stones of the dog, sir. :kissing_heart:

Great news. There are plans to fix that in a later version

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