USB Port on the Streamer facia

The USB port on the front facia of my NDS, isn’t used as all music is streamed to it, from either locally stored files or Tidal - I have actually disable it as an input in setting.
However I never liked the open port on the front, it can be seen from across the room, and the silver insert for the USB connection within the opening.

At first, I obtained a rubber blanking cap - but that was just putting a ‘bunge’ in it.

Today a set of 4 USB caps arrived, and the solution is much nicer - IMO

And in place on my NDS


I like the idea of caps, but would prefer ones in black with no logo. In terms of RFI prevention, is that stuff really likely to enter front and back?

Couldn’t find plain black ones, as would be my preference also.

Was purely undertaken as I didn’t like the open port on the front of the facia, particuarly as I have never used it on my NDS. Tried it on the ND5XS (prior to NDS/555DR upgrade) with an iPhone/iPod, but all music originates from local storage or is internet streamed.

Found these on E bay some time ago.

I wonder if that one could fit. Titacup type C USB port cap. On Amazon.

Hi Simon - Slight O/T but I see you have a Rendu / LPS combo hiding under the rack


Any downsides to the dual faceplate ? Just tidying up my desk space and the dual plate looks ideal for my setup.

Type C is completely different, so they won’t fit.

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As HH says. The normal USB socket used on the Naim equipment is Type A. Type C is much smaller.



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AQ also have plugs for unused RCA sockets, also supposed to “prevent RFI and EMI noise from entering”. This seems total BS to me, RFI and EMI is not like dust, and an unused input has its relays off.

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Yes,I do, the UltraRendu/UltraCap LPS 1 is used for the SonoreUPnP Bridge to provide Roon integration to the NDS. I started with a SonicOrbiterSE unit, but had problems, so ended up with the UltraRendu. Plus if I ever need a USB digital output to a different DAC/Streamer arrangement.
I have tried a USB->S/PDIF convertor, but it just highlighted the limitations of a S/PDIF connection & protocol.
But not planning any change, as the Roonified NDS/555DR fed by the EtherREGEN is just excellent

The dual faceplate just tidied up the two units up, given there is a dual 5V/12V LPS, a further 12V LPS, the LPS energising PSU and the charging supply for my Bakoon phono stage in that space under & ‘at the back’ of the Aavik table.

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My usage is purely to effectively fill the unused USB port - had a rubber dust cap, but that was never an optimal look.

Then he needs this one first :wink:


Found these:

I know, and that’s totally fine and a good use for these caps. Though do paint over the AQ logo, it hurts :wink:

If AQ marketed it purely as dust covers, no issue. I was just commenting on the claimed RFI/EMI protection (which I therefore quoted), stuff like this IMHO puts question marks on everything the company sells.

Perfect. Prettier, honest, and costs one 27th of the AQ, per cap.

Aavik turntable? Did you posted it? Because I still see the Orbe.

I searched too but didn’t found something really nice, or nicer than the USB port discovered on the Nds.

Maybe this would be cooler, a USB powered fluorescent tube:



Yes, I have an Orbe turntable, on an Aavik 5-tier table, on Nordost Titanium Pulsar points.
I also have an Aavik Titanium table next to it, but unfortunately only a 3-tier table.

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Well done :+1: