USB Problems with NDX2

Intermittant failures and break up of sound with front and back usb. Kingstons usd + flac and Toshiba usb also had same result. Sandisk seems to work. Surely this cannot be acceptable?

Anyone overcome this or had reaction from Naim?

I haven’t seen this. Are they genuine USB sticks? Is it on any or all files?

Worth contacting your dealer or Naim support when they return after the holiday.

At a previous Forum visit to Naim we were given a usb stick. Its the only one that has worked perfectly…wish Naim would sell them. As mentioned on another thread, hopefully Naim will leverage their brand with such accessories, and for some there is demand for attire like polo shirts etc.


I tried some usb sticks that didn’t work with my nds. Lacie 500 Go worked, not higher memory.
SanDisk, no problem. Samsung seems to work on Nova. Didn’t tried.

My 32 go SanDisk usb3 stick doesn’t work in my nait5xs2 streamer but my unidentified usb2 stick does!

Curious, because it works with my nds. Strange.

Yes, I want a Naim polo shirt!!!

I will try some USB sticks tomorrow (today) - never used them.

Had a quick look - didn’t have any other brands to try except SanDisk (Extreme 64GB)… but that worked (as expected), straight off the bat.

OK, so I’ve also tried an external Samsung HD 2TB - and that worked fine. I’d definitively give your dealer a call because I could understand if it wasn’t recognized at all, but it to be intermittent is strange.

Thanks for effort, just for the record I tried an external hard drive which worked perfectly. Summary:
Toshiba USB fail
Kingston USB fail
Scandisk USB works
Toshiba External hard drive works
Unit being returned Friday.

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