USB receiver into NDAC

Seasons greetings all

I just tried to plug a Maxsella USB adapter into the front of my ndac so that I could connect my iPhone to it and stream audio. The device appeared dead and won’t boot up on my Mac as it’s not designed to be used on Mac it seems. Has anyone genre managed to do a similar thing successfully? Any advice would be gratefully received.

The USB input is designed to work with an iPhone connected using a standard Apple data/charging cable. I very much doubt you will get it working any other way.

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Yeah that’s my worst fear but you’re probably right. Probably need some sort of Bluetooth receiver with maybe optical digital out :thinking: my nd5xs is plugged into it but it’s not a Bluetooth model sadly

I found a neat solution. I had a 3rd gen Apple TV unit lying around doing nothing. Plugged that in now I have an airplay device that my phone can connect to which routes the audio to the ndac. Sounds great. No more loose long wires in the second system :+1:t2:

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