USB regen - cheapish experiment iFi iPurifier3 / AQ JB

hi all few of you may know i am saving for an innuos phoenix re-clocker for my streaming set up (dealer has no demo units available thankfully so temptation being held at bay for the moment :grinning: )

thought in interim would do a relatively cheap experiment on usb cleaning / re-clocking, thought good time as heading towards another lock down :roll_eyes:

so ordered a iFi USB iPurifier3 / AQ Jitter Bug for use on my USB feed from my zenith mk3 to DAVE (not in anyway expecting much mind, more out of curiosity of concept) and am fully expecting to return both items within the 30 day trial period

probably do following:

zenith mk3 > ifi > DAVE
zenith mk3 > ifi > DAVE & AQ JB in the spare zenith USB port
zenith mk3 > AQ JB > ifi > DAVE
zenith mk3 > DAVE

both arriving tue so will post how the experiment goes :smile:

Interesting look forward to your findings.

bits have arrived will post some initial findings from my experiments :slight_smile: later then over course of the week

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Quick post as only early days and bits are new

Adding the ifi reclocker increases the soundstage width and depth (which is what I have read of usb reclockers) would say it loses some of the clarity and natural sound though from the innuos which doesn’t surprise me given difference in component ifi cost/quality to what is connected to

Regarding the little jitterbug i feel that it compresses the sound. Which I find interesting having read on head fi Rob Watts posting he found one beneficial when connected to a computer source. Again feel that it is the Innuos is making the difference here with its Sean jacobs power supply

Will continue to play and let them burn in more and report back :slight_smile:

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