USB to SPIDIF converter recommendations

Can anyone recommend a decent usb to SPIDIF converter that doesn’t cost the earth?

Previously using KEF LS50 active speakers (MK1) with an Innuos Zenith and Innuos USB re-clocker.
The KEFs are no longer working and I will shortly be receiving the MK2 version as a replacement.
Unfortunately the MK2 version does not have a USB input connection so require a USB to SPIDIF converter.

Innuos usually recommend the M2Tech Hiface 2 but apparently this is no longer available.

Any suggestions?

On eBay, but don’t get the orange one, get the black one.
Can you use optical? The mk1 meridian explorer does usb->optical in the left hand socket.


I did spot the M2 on the bay. The only thing I’m not keen on is it’s form factor.

I do have the Meridian lying around somewhere but it’s the MK2 version.

I’ve just come across the Topping D10 which seems highly thought of, so many just give this a go.

Check Topping D10s out, less than 90 USD.

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I have a Singxer SU-1. It works fine and sounds better than my previous M2Tch HiFace Evo, powered by Paul Hynes power supply.

There’s Holo Audios RED. This is dual purpose-box. Apart from converting USB to SPDIF, I2S etc it can can also be used as a streamer. It is based around a Pi Compute Module 4 (not a complete Raspberry) and a very good power supply. So there is plenty of streamer software around.

I have only tried it as a streamer (with a Rockna DAC) and it was very good. Perhaps a bit expensive to just use for USB->SPDIF, around EUR 900.

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This is how I’ll be listening to the KEFs initially, I just don’t like the idea of going without the Phoenix as it made a considerable difference, which is why I started looking at the usb/SPIDIF converters.

Amazon sell the Topping so I can always return if I notice any drop in sound quality.

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A few years ago I used a Gustard U12 to very good effect between Mac Mini and Chord Hugo, it doing an excellent job blocking RF from the MM which otherwise had a detrimental effect on the DAC’s sound quality. @Richard.Dane was playing with one around then as well. At that time it cost something like £120, extremely good value for money an cheap enough for a punt.

I have both, the Topping D10s and the Gustard U12, going from my MM to the Chord Hugo1, personally I prefer the Topping D10s because the Gustard U12 sounds a bit soft to me, but it is also a good choice.
Actually, I am surprised that the Topping one exceeds my expectation.

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I have a Topping DS10 use it to hook up a laptop to my ND5Xs2 for Amazon HD. Works a treat. Think it was about £90 a year or so back

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Seems the Topping D10s is a popular choice. Well reviewed too. I’ll be ordering one next week.

In the meantime I’m running in the KEFs with my Innuos Zenith server/streamer via upnp.

In case you’re not aware, you can buy Topping from a UK distributor (assuming you are in the UK) with a 2 year guarantee. Probably can’t post a link on here, but Google will direct you. Topping also do a USB bridge, the U90. I’ve never used it though, and it’s more expensive than the D10 by a considerable margin.

I know who you’re talking about :wink:
I did see the U90 but instantly dismissed it when I saw the price tag!

It’s a shame they don’t make a USB bridge that sits between the D10s and the U90.

There is a new CD Transport combined USB hub/bridge from Schiit called the URD
It features USB type C inputs - I would be interested in this if I didnt need a SACD player

Gustard i recall Richard Dane liking, i went for the Audiophilleo with the Pure power it ticks every single box and some also does away with adding wires as it is a direct BNC to BNC.

The MUTEC USB 3+ seems good and probably is, but i could not get an answer to IF all the lights could be disabled, as it would be major distraction.

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