USB weirdness

Can anyone shed any light on this?
I take a 16GB usb stick with a bootable Ubuntu distro on it. I delete the active partition and created one simple volume taking the whole drive. I format it FAT32. I copy a bunch of music files to it in Windows Explorer. I plug it into my ND5XS2 and in the Naim app select USB. I see the original Ubuntu disk with all its folders and none of my music files. I take it back to my desktop and open it in Explorer … and there are all my music files and none of the Ubuntu stuff. I am puzzled.

Windows will generally replace partition 1. But if you want it to be really wiped, do so at the device level from another Linux host. For example, if the disk is detected in Linux as /dev/sdc, do this:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdc bs=1K

Then plop it back into Window and format it as FAT again. It will take some time.

Just make sure you identify the correct disk. Commands like lsblk or lsscsi will help.

Once you have it sorted, try viewing it in the Naim app under Server > Local Music rather than USB, where you will be able to browse the metadata properly and see the album artwork.

You will need to delete, then repartition it first, which you can do from Windows from the built in app “Disk Management”

that’s what I did. Trying that device level file copy suggestion atm …

If that fails, can you possibly do a screen shot of what it looks like in Disk Management?

I don’t think the Windows Disk Management tool will be able to recognise and remove a Linux ISO bootable partition. Unless it has changed recently, I think you’ll need to use the dd command approach.

If you reboot with the USB drive inserted and boot from USB is enabled, you’ll probably discover that it actually boots to the Ubuntu installer and those Linux files are really still there.

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“dd” worked. I can’t see anything under servers/local but I don’t mind. I can see the music files and play them so that’s fine. Thank you.

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If the files have metadata they should be visible in Local Music when the USB stick is mounted.

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