Use case for the venerable AV1

Can the AV1 be used as a preamp in a traditional two channel stereo system with a Naim amp to play music, e.g. CD5 source, AV1 preamp, 180 amp?

This old thread maybe useful but I suspect given how it’s supposed to be connected and its usual function, it won’t work as a pre-amp substitute.

Nice catch. It does not look promising!

Although it seems it’s technically possible to use as a preamp

Thanks for finding that James

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If it has a bypass mode then possibly as otherwise it’s only generating ‘ambient’ information from the front channel signals ?

I’m sure @Richard.Dane will have more info or even has one in his collection.

It’s for use with an existing system and, as James says above, just gives a sense of extra space, in a similar way to Dynavectors Superstereo. It’s a cool thing though, and needs no specially matrixed or encoded material. I don’t have one but would be tempted if one came up for a reasonable price.

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