Use Naim Mu-so Qb without network?

Would it be possible to use Naim Mu-So Qb without connecting it to network, only connected to a computer? Im thinking about getting one to use at work.

You could connect via a USB dac, so pc > dac > line in on qb. I do that in the office into our mu-so.

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Im using a Chord Mojo DAC today at work

In that case, the mojo can feed the stereo jack input (3.5mm socket).

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Thanks Robert, is there a better way to feed a Qb than 3.5mm? That you recommand? I would like to get the best out it.

And maybe a Qb version 2.0 is coming soon?:slight_smile:

Plug an AirPort Express into it, and connect to it via your own wireless network.

But that’s connecting it to a network which the original poster specifically wishes to NOT do…

I want to know a way to use it without network, because i dont know if my company allow me to setup my own or use company network.

And my work computer need to be connected to the company network.

Does it not have a usb port ?

I was surmising that he might not be able to use his work network, in which case having his own seems to me like a solution.

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I find the 3.5mm socket perfectly good; it’s the only line in available and I’ve found it not to be compromised. I used my mojo too but now leave a less expensive USB dac plumbed in; I’m lucky that my desk is near the muso so don’t have to trail wires around.

You can plug in an Apple iPod or iPad via USB and play from that. You can also play from a USB stick, although navigation is a bit limited to forwards or backwards on the playlist. On one or two occasions where I’ve wanted to have a Mu-So playing music without any available network, plugging in an iPad and playing from iTunes worked well. However, there is a caveat. You can only set up the bass shelf and loudness via the app, so you’ll need to get this done and set up while on a network…

Possible to connect directly an iPhone directly to Qb via wifi/bluetooth and use the app?

AFAIK the App requires a wifi network connection.

Thanks for the info Naimers! Now i know a little more about how this will work:) I think I will go for a Qb at work.

Yes this is how I use my Qb if I’m away from home and can’t connect to a WiFi network (like in a holiday cottage). You set up any old WiFi router and let your phone running the Nain app to connect to it. Then you can properly browse through a big memory stick, or as I did last summer when I took my UnitiCore on holiday too, browse that.


As i understand I can use the Qb with my Chord Mojo DAC from my computer with a 3.5mm minijack. And then play music from my computer. Think would be the best solution for me.

Yes, that’s why I suggested an AirPort Express, as it allows control

You can use an optical digital cable to connect if your computer has a suitable output, or an analogue input. This will not allow full control of the Muso, but it depends what you want to play through it.

@ChrisSU, I’m thinking of playing Tiday from my computer, and hopefully Roon later, if they open for internet streaming.

Your idea with an airport express is a god idea, maybe this would be the best solution after all.