Use of both DIN & RCA outputs

Based on the Naim app settings, my ND5XS2 has the option in running both DIN & RCA outputs at the same time. If I get a SN3 or XS3, can I plug both the DIN and RCA interconnects at the same time to the integrated amp in order to do A/B comparison in the sound? No adverse issues in both the ND5XS2 and the NAIT?

I would advise against this. You should not have both connected at the same time. Quite apart from that, quickly switching back and forth is not an affective way of judging one against the other - you’ll just end up confused or focusing on the wrong things. You should connect up one, play a piece of music. Then disconnect and connect the other, play the same piece agin, and so on and so forth.

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Or just leave it on DIN and listen to some music.

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That’s a novel thought. The ND5XS2 is supplied with a din interconnect, and their preferred connection method is din where available. It’s odd that someone might want to use phono.

The OP might already own fancy/expensive RCA connectors which they want to test vs. the standard DIN - seems reasonable.

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Since the ND5XS2 has a supplied DIN, and that Naim recommends this is the best approach, I was planning to make that as the “base case” where other cables will now be judged.

Instead of installing and removing cables back and forth which would take time, it would seem easier to listen to a track using DIN, and just press an input button of the Nait, and play the same track again using the interconnect.

My concern is if there would be grounding issues of some sort.?.?.. Another thing is that there might be volume / output difference between a DIN and a RCA output. If yes this would be challenging as I have to level match every time I click on a different input button.

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