Use of both RCA and DIN connections on an ND555

I recall seeing a previous post in which MagicBus had asked Naim technical support whether it’s ok to have both the RCA and DIN cables connected at the same time on his ND555; the DIN to connect to his Nac52 and the RCA to his headphone amp. The reply from Naim confirmed that it is ok so long as you only activate one output at a time.
I had planned to take the same approach in connecting my ND555 to a Nac52 and headphone amp, however I have been advised that even if you ensure only one output is activated at a time, this arrangement would compromise the star earthing. Is there anyway around this other than opting for the alternative approach of a suitably wired DIN-RCA interconnect to connect the tape out on the preamp to the headphone amp.

I can’t see that using both outputs on the ND555 would compromise the signal grounding of your setup. Are you still using a Violectric V280 ?

Who advised you that it would be an issue ?

Yes, I am indeed using a V280, only recently acquired. It was actually my dealer who raised the issue of the star earthing.

In a Naim system, you normally have the source component provide the signal ground to mains earth connection - in your case the ND555 should be doing this. You only want to do this in one place to avoid ground loops.

The only problem is if you had the V280 internal ground lift jumper set to ground (it’s set at lift from the factory) then you could introduce a ground loop, but this would be the case whether it was connected to the tape out of the 52 or to the ND555 (assuming the ND555 ground switch set at chassis).

I don’t see it being a problem, so if you already have the RCA cables then give it a try.

Thanks, that’s reassuring advice. I don’t yet have the RCA cables and unfortunately my Hi-Line is now damaged and is going to have to go off for repairs (no doubt the first of many).

Ah I see. I’ll be interested in how you get on when you get the cables and good luck with the Hi-Line repair.

Not necessarily - the ND555 comes with a hiline, not a lavender cable.

Ah, so it does - thanks Gavin.

I’ve done this with my NDX2 for over a year now without any issues.

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