Use of NAP 500dr in a small room with high ceiling

The OP seems not to be very interested, not having yet come back with the dimensions of the room, which are fundamental in making any sense of his query/needs, nor clarifying his concerns, nor acknowledging or querying any responses…

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I did, hooked it up with a pair of Focal Sopra N.1. The details from the sound was beautiful, mid bass was solid dan fast.

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It’s only been 21 hours since OP - give Paul a chance, he’s probably out there earning the bucks to fund the deal :grin:

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I’m sure my initial response was more than 24 hours ago, But maybe you’re right (just if I asked the question I’d be looking back no later than within a day)

This week i connected the new Nait50 to S600. The 552/500 DR has actually much better base control than this. If your 300 Is fine with T808s, 500DR will be better still

The thing with small rooms is you will invitibly have gain in the 60hz region. You need a speaker that ideally falls away in the bass region. Something like an LS35a, Linn Kan or the PMC25.21i … then the iron grip of the 500 keeps the speaker under tight control. I found in problimatical rooms for bass the tighter the control and the better damped the speaker…the less room modes are an issue… in my room I still had to add a fair bit of treatment…which was the best money I ever spent from an audio perspective… (not as far as my wife is concerned - she hates it! :scream:)

Depending on dimensions! Not everyone thinks the same when they say small…

As for having a speaker that cuts off the bottom end, that’s no good if you appreciate and want the full bass that is in the music, not just overtones! The answer there is extreme care with room layout – both speaker and listening positions, and where necessary treatment of the room, possibly combined with tailored DSP.

I agree…I was assuming small being say under 3m x 3m … however, I have found that most small rooms have significant room gain so the faily limp output from a small speaker… is brought up…so the useful output extends to around 50hz…or so. In my system I take out some excess energy at 58hz via dsp…and use a good sub…to take me way down…it works very well.
I use a touch of DSP as my speakers are pretty good at 55hz…if I had a sealed box design like the Kan … I don’t think I would need it…as that rolls off after 70hz… Don’t think Kans are limp they can sound incredible - with reasonable punch.

By the way nice system…

Anyone listening in a 3 x 3m room should definitely use speakers that roll off below 60htz. That’s not just small it’s a box! I consider my listening room small at just under 5 x 4m.

Thank you!

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In UK 5mx4m is a decent size lounge, certainly above average. any bigger would be large!

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Wow. Fair enough.

Trust me thats not small for uk…thats decent

Most of us in the UK live in Hobbit burrows, the remainder in vast Scottish granite castles.

My 500 (none DR) with SL2s work very well in a 3.7 x 6mtr, ceiling 8ft living space SL2s firing across the room.
No boom, excels playing tunes at low volume and can go very loud if required with perfect grip and control over the speakers.


I have tried a number of quality amplifiers as upgrades for my supernait To drive my 606s and found the better separation, depth and clarity, marred by more intrusive base mode issues. Haven’t found the right one yet.
The speakers are fast and will respond to plenty of power, but as Kudos told me they are very lively, and if there is mode they will seek it out.

Do you really need to upgrade? You might need to look beyond Naim.

You could also consider something like these

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