Used ND5 XS or New Cambridge Audio CXN V2

I’ll probably get shot for this but very curious.

I’m currently running a 102/180 with hicap and napsc, CDX with XPS, Intro 2’s and a Linn Axis and I’m seriously thinking about adding a streaming unit. Not necessarily for sitting in front of all the time, probably more for music on while doing other stuff.

Would I be better paying double for a used Naim unit to the new cambridge which at the moment is on offer at a certain outlet for £599?

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For background listening just buy a cheap streamer. A mate of mine bought a Yamaha streamer for his Pioneer system for £120 that does Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify etc. It’s worth every penny IMHO :blush:

If it cane to more than that? Odd bit of sat down in front of?

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For me it’s either streaming or a CD player. I’ve done both and it just makes no sense.
I sold my CD5XS, beautiful as it was, due to lack of use and would never go back.
Only you can decide though.

Probably look at a cheaper unit or possible try a chrome cast I have some where in the house. Cheers

It’s the best way to go to see if you like it or not. An Arcam rPlay was my introduction to streaming and was a great sounding piece of kit :blush:

The way i did the streaming on my set up was with a raspberry pi
/ Allo DigiOne (Volumio software) feeding a Project pre box S2, Naim Nait 5si and out to my Neat Motive SX-2 speakers,yes all can be improved but my God it’s very good for the cost !

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I have an ND5 XS and have had it for about 2 years. It’s a brilliant piece of kit and should have good resale value if you change it in future. It’s upgradeable as well with a DAC or power supply such as XPS.

I am now in process of upgrading to NDS with 555PS so will be selling my ND5 XS very soon.

I would go for the ND5 XS if you can afford it!

Thanks Dan, having read up my XPS is a few thousand serial numbers too low and thus isn’t compatible with the NDX. Gutted, but am thinking the same. Thanks.

Personally if you’re comfortable ripping all your cds I’d look at trading the CDX and XPS for the best streamer (NDX2 ?) the budget allows. I replaced a CDS3/XPSDR with a NDX as it sounded better to me, now NDX2/XPSDR. Never regretted it.

Does the NDX rip CDs?

No, they don’t. I use a Uniti Core with an NDX2, but there are lots of options.

I have the ND5 XS going through a DAC and use a zoneripper in a similar way to a core to rip and store CDs to hard drive. I bought a CDS2 and XPS at same time as zoneripper as I wanted a standalone CD player about 6 months ago.

I’m now selling the CDS2, XPS, Dac and ND5 XS. I am replacing the lot with an NDS and 555PS.

The CDS2 sounds better than the ND5 XS, but with the NDS it will not be necessary.

Was reluctant to give up the CD player but times changes things. Once you rip your music to a core or other hard drive you won’t look back. The CD player becomes an extra box you don’t need.

If you can afford to keep both then wonderful. Otherwise, like many on the forum look at getting best streamer and power supply you can afford.

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