Used SN2/SN3 vs used 202/200DR - opinions

Unless you use HiCapDR on the 202 - and then it works really well with the 250.2. The 250DR was less fussy anyway.
The 202 is bizarrely significantly transformed with the HiCapDR, massively more so that non DR - at least in my experience.

The non DR HiCap with the 250.2 sounds slow and somewhat uninvolving in my opinion - and I think this is what people refer to when they say the 202 doesn’t match well with the 250… and to my ears that particular non DR combo I agree with.

Over the years the priorities are often determined as

Speaker/Room first
Pre Amp - in Naim world second
Source third
Power amp - in Naim world fourth - the preamp often brings the power amp along with it.

I preferred SN2 over 202/200.
That combo need Napsc and Hicap.
SN2 are great as single use, SN3 too.

As others have said, older 202/200 are hard to resell at acceptable prices.

I have had a 202/200 since 2009, then upgrade to 202/200DR, had SN1 and SN3 in home for for a direct comparison

The SN3 is a very amplifier, but against my 202/200 did seem very similar, it is one box versus 3 boxes, (202/200DR/NAPSC), but still the 202/200DR has been giving me years of enjoyment, I have no complaints, with it. SN3 is easier to re sell, a 202/200DR not as much.

I still preferred my 202/200DR against the SN3.


Apart of SQ people talk about number of boxes and easy to resell some of the items.
Unless those factors really very important to you I suggest to focus on SQ and upgrade path, if you plan such.
Thought you can resell quickly will not compensate the frustration of SQ.

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just spent a few hours watching Bryan Adams Live in Lisboa on my 202/200DR, after 15 years it still rocks… no regrets about buying a 202/200DR at all, I am not sure I would have kept a SN 1, 2 or 3 for this long.

Bottom line, buy the 202/200DR and enjoy it for years to come.

I have heard the full range upto 500 and statement, I love my 202/200DR very much till now. There is no need to worry about reselling it, I don’t plan to sell mine ever…


Two people don’t believe this is a valid observation.

For a guy planning to invest in Naim - on the upgrade path - I think its needed information for decision.


My NAIM journey was:
CD3 + 72 + 140
CDX2 + 202 + 200
CDX2 + 202 + 200 + HicapDR
CDX2 + 282 + 300DR + HicapDR
NDX2 + CDX2 + 282 + 300DR + HicapDR
From 202+200 to 282+300DR the upgrade is HUGE. My amp choice depended of my LS, Dynaudio Contour S3.2. They need power.


Very much the same except CDX2 swapped for NDAC + XPS2 and 252/SC rather than 282… agree the jump after 202/200 is very big. Probably why the NC 200 series is more at 282/252 level as split box entry.

Pretty much the route I followed.
My friend’s 202/200DR wasn’t the step change I’d expected (from SN3) so stayed put 'til 282/250DR.


Overall yes, information to consider, but so often buying stuff people think exclusively about re-selling rather what suits the best. As a result waste of time, no enjoyment and …, faster the re-selling coming.


When considering any purchase I always take into account the potential for reselling - to me it’s as important as the purchase price. Low depreciation means I can afford to buy better kit. Naim can sustain their high prices due to decent resale values. It works for me and it’s not about a short term view, in 40 years of Naim ownership I’ve never kept any box less than 5 years and usually 10 yearsor more. It’s great that even CB and olive Naim has a significant value.