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Hi all,

I’m using an Atom and have been experimenting with the wiring and sockets. The Atom is on a “dedicated” power group and recently I’ve switched to watching streaming tv which eliminated the need for a tv receiver. After I removed the tv receiver from the wallsocket I noticed the sound of my Atom was much better (clearer, less “humming”).

After some investigation I came accros the Isotek evo3 Gemini which is a netfilter powersocket. Does anyone has experience with the Evo 3 or similar products and the Atom? I’m curious if this would completely remove al background “noises”.

Greetings, Delstino

Not exactly, but I use Isotek Evo3 Sirius on the main system (NDX2), and Evo3 Venus in the living room HT system, with very good results and a significant improvement in both cases.

Don’t be ‘fooled’ by all the technical marketing language, this is a common & differential noise filter. These generally do what they say they do, but I’m not sure it will actually fix your problem. The general opinion of this filter type is that they do not improve the sound quality (fidelity) , reports of suppressed dynamics.

Looking at this logically, there must be countless people who have TV & audio on the same circuit & they do not have this problem.
I suspect its a problem with your power supply, maybe how its earthed,
so the 1st question has to be what country do you live & the 2nd question is does your power supply include E (earth/ground). And just to be sure its correctly understood, what is all the equipment you have on the same power supply as the Atom.

Well, at least in my case, and conducted thoroughly tests, far from suppressed dynamics, in both systems one of the things they have improved substantially is precisely dynamics, in addition to focus and resolution, with greater and better treble extension, mid clarity and bass definition.

Although, also in my case, there was never, and never has been, any humming problem anywhere.

Not disagreeing, maybe I should have added something like some reports of, YMMV etc…
In my experience with C&D mode filters, it did soften the sound, but that was not Isotech

That has more logic.

Generally, the strips with C&D mode filters, effectively, tend to reduce the dynamics of the sound, softening it. That’s why, before deciding to change the strips, I did some in-depth research, which led me to discover that IsoTek and Shunyata Research are two of the few manufacturers whose strips with C&D mode mode filters, among the most expensive too, fulfill what they promise without suppressing dynamics on the sound. In my case, as I point out, they have only improved, very significantly, things, even, on the HT, the LED UHD TV screen definition.

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