Using 272 as a source with a SU?

I plan to go 272/250DR and I’m seeing 272s more frequently than I am 250DRs second hand so I’m considering getting a 272 first. Can I use the analogue out on the 272 to the analogue in on the SU? Are there sonic benefits to be had using it this way?

Yes, in a logical way, it should work. Since the SuperUniti does not have a ‘power amp’ input you have two volume controls in series, which will be sub-optimal.

Have you considered getting a NAP250DR first and swap the SuperUniti for a 272 when funds allow? This also gives you a bit more time to see if a successor for the 272 will be introduced …

You can use the line out on the 272 into the SU and it will work fine. The streaming source in the two boxes is very similar, but you may well find that the isolation of source and amp bring gains. Obviously not a combination you would normally choose, but it’ll be fine until you can get that 250.

The 272 has a line out, so there’s no need to run the signal through two preamps.

Thanks Chris, I almost forgot … and that for a 272 user :wink:

Thanks, it made sense but I wasn’t sure. I’ll probably end up waiting but wanted to know if I could use it.

If you do decide to go NAP first it works quite well. We added a NAP250DR to a SU last year and it was quite an improvement. Better separation of musical threads, less muddle at volume and tighter bass.

However it became clear the SU as a pre was holding things back so we swapped it for a 272 and that combo is a night n day change. Even without an XPS (next on shopping list) with the NAP it completely transformed things.

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