Using a 555PS to improve a digital output signal

I’m currently using a HDX, nDac and 555PS as my source and conventional wisdom would have the 555PS connected to the nDac with the HDX used standalone to provide the digital signal.

I recently connected the 555PS to the HDX and fed its digital output into the bare nDac and I’m surprised how much I am preferring the sound from this setup. It’s hard to describe the sound but the music just sounds effortless. I know that there will be those who think that ‘bits are bits’ and that the 555PS can’t have any effect on the HDX when it is used just as a digital transport but I know what I’m hearing.

Has anyone else tried using a 555PS to upgrade a streamer that is used only for its digital output?

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i can only remember older threads on hdx/555ps/ ndac/ 555ps, which were top streaming sources before nds.
Some hear use ndx with Dave and ndx2 with chord hugo. But don’t remember if someone added a ps on the transport.

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