Using a CDSPS on nDAC

The new owner of my nDAC has a CDPS and Burndy. Can this Burndy be rewired (by Naim) to power the nDAC?
As the cable carries power I’m aware that DIY may not be able discussed on here.

Have they tried asking Naim?

I have a CDSPS. When I first got it I used it on a CDX. I then got a CDSII head unit. From memory Naim supplied a new Burndy.

So it would seem likely that they could do the same for an nDAC (assuming it has a Burndy socket)

Yes, the nDAC has a Burndy PSU socket. I was hoping to get @NeilS on to advise.

Hopefully he’ll be along soon. Or ring them up. I’ve always found them very helpful.

The only thing the CDPS with CD Burndy could be used with was the original CDS, however we did supply a dedicated Burndy to allow the CDPS to be used with the CDS2 to compliment the CDS to CDS2 upgrade programme. I can’t remember if it was possible to modify an existing CD Burndy to suit though.

As for whether one of these Burndys can be used in conjunction with a CDPS & nDAC - I’ll need to look into that for you.
I’m thinking yes, but I’d better check!


Very much appreciated Neil.

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My CDS2 was converted from a CDS1 by Naim and the CDSPS and Burndy modified as Neil mentioned, my understanding is that the modified Burndy and CDSPS can be used with an Ndac. I recall a white dot painted on the rear of the CDSPS to denote suitability and for use with the modified Burndy only. There was also a suggested powering on/off sequence to avoid loud noises through the speakers.

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The buyer of my DAC has now sold has CDPS so no need for further investigation. Thanks all. :+1:


@Guinnless - So… it was you selling an nDac on eBay then… :grin:

I was a Watcher - but I didn’t go for it in the end… :expressionless:

It was yes. :slightly_smiling_face:

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And a beautiful ndac it is . It has transformed my digital replay .Now Genki / ndac combo .Problem it’s now leaving my LP 12 lagging damn more expense


Another bonus for me my NS01 is brought back into action as an extremely good server player .
Analogue outs on the NS01 are meh …but digital out via a good DAC is awesome.



Sticking my head out here. I ran a nDAC with a CDSPS and custom burndy. A number of pins have to be pulled. The factory has a document specifying how to do this.

The CDSPS comes in two versions. This solution will only work with the second version.

Now to the sound quality benefits. It is definitely better than running and nDAC without a power supply. It is not quite as good as an XPS.


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Quite right Paul - it must be the fully regulated version, not the early ones.
Not that it now matters to Guinnless, but maybe useful info for others in the future.



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