Using a sub with Nova + 250.2

How do I connect a subwoofer to my 250.2/Nova combo?

If your subwoofer allows a high level connection, then it’s usually best to connect off the terminals on your loudspeakers. This should give you the best integration.


Thanks Richard.

Putting on my Luddite hat here, so how would I link my speakers (Proac D2R) to the sub exactly?

Would I then remove the speaker “jumper” cable from HF-to-LF, that’s currently in situ? Connect the sub to both speakers or one?

Keeping Lud hat for now!


No, I would keep the jumper link cable in place - assuming they are bi-wire terminals you’ll need them connected if single-wire connected from the Nova (recommended - don’t bi-wire with Naim). You should then connect the cables for the sub to one of the terminal pairs on each speaker (probably the LF but it shouldn’t make any difference in theory) The sub only takes a reference signal so you can use thin and inexpensive stuff. I used Chord Leyline for this, which is nice and discreet.

Thanks again, I think I’m getting there now.

So to clarify, I’d keep jumpers in place and in effect I’d have four connections* into one of the terminals (the LF one probably), two from the sub and two from the 250.2 on each speaker?

Six in total into each speaker, if that makes sense.

Depending on the sub, you have a few options. The one Richard has outlined. If the sub has pass through connections you can run 250 or Nova to sub, sub to speakers. As you have bi-wire suitable speakers, you can even bi-amp using the speaker outlets on the Nova for LF (probably?), the pre out to the 250 then to the HF on the speakers, and sub of the speakers to.

Thanks Mike,

I’m awaiting the arrival of a KEF KC62 tomorrow, and I’m not sure which is the best method of connection.

I rang KEF support and explained I had a power and pre amp, and they said the best way would be using RCA connections and effectively placing, connection wise, the sub between the 250.2 and the Nova.

My Nova is connected to the 250 using a standard 5pin cable, so would that be an issue?

I’ve just looked at the KC62 manual, and I’m not fully any wiser.

To have a chance to tinker tomorrow, I’m not sure if I need some more speaker cable or some extra RCAs.

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You might want to think about the practicalities of connecting up the sub too. Getting it well integrated into the system and room can require quite a bit of trial and error, including moving the sub around the room to see where it works. Just plonking it in a convenient space where it looks right might, unless you’re lucky, sound dreadful.

If the sub ends up close to your Nova, it may make sense to use the low level connection. If it’s a long way away, a decent quality cable can be quite expensive and if the speakers are closer, cable routing may be easier and cheaper with a high level connection. All depending on the layout of the system, of course.


Yes, it’ll be my first use and experience of a sub in my set up, so that’s going to be a big consideration.

Initially I’ll be using a low cost Chord speaker cable (I’m currently using Tellurium Silver II from 250 to Pro Ac D2R), for the sub but this might change.

Whilst being aware what “dreadful” might sound like, I’m sure some doubt will creep in as to whether I’m getting the best out of the KEF once it’s up and running. Placement, high or low connection, merging the sub with the Pro Acs, will all probably drive me bonkers.

An interesting weekend and onwards lies in wait!

Congratulations on your purchase!

I have a Star with Merdian power amp and a KC62. The amp has four speaker outs so straightforward to connect into the speaker connections in the sub.

My advice is as Richard’s and go from the speakers.
There are various positioning mode settings ( corner, room, wall etc.) so placement is reasonably straightforward.

Setting the crossover close to the roll off point of the main speakers is a good start, then juggle with volume.
I’m very pleased with what the KC62 brings. Good luck!


Thanks for this.

I will, of course, experiment with placement and take it from there, and then try to get the crossover point right.

I suppose this is room/system and person preference dependent and will involve lots of trial and error?

Just watched a Steve Guttenberg review, which though highly favourable about the KC62, did say how ridiculously faffy the speaker connection method is.

The KEF “adaptor” to secure speakers at sub end looks very tiny, so I hope it’s not too tricky to use!

It’s good to hear you’ve had a positive experience of adding this sub to your set up.

The wired connection is removable. It is actually in the separate packing box with the mains lead. It is pretty small and won’t like or need thick cables!
Being separate helps with wiring up.
It will be all worth it!

Ah, thanks. That’s useful to know.

I will be using unterminated speaker cable, so maybe I will need the adapter to secure the cable at the KEF end?

Bare wire into tiny spaces, screwed down. Unless you are using more than 72 strandish, you’ll be fine.

Thanks, could be interesting. I’ve only got some 70-80 strand cable to try, sounds like it could be a tight fit!

Just get any cheap, thin speaker cable and it’ll work fine. There is no benefit in using anything posh here.

This bit I’m finding a real pain. Having to use a pair of tiny nail scissors in an attempt to tighten the tiny screws. Not really happening at the moment!

Think I’ll shave the speaker cable I’m using a little bit more.

So, I’m up and running with my KC 62 connected to my Pro Ac D2Rs.

So far, so good . . . now for some calibration time.

Gone easy on volume (10 o’clock) & crossover (45-50Hz) - and simply plonked it equidistant between my two main speakers and on the same plane. For now, at least.

Time to do some crawling around and try to hear where things sound good.

Er, do I or can I use the High Pass Filter dip switches?

Anything else anyone might suggest worth trying?

First impressions: pretty great soundstage, lovely rounded out lower end. But, things do sound a bit bright and almost grating on some tracks where they didn’t before. A mid to treble harshness. Slight but perceptible.

Any thoughts out there?

I’m not sure why you were advised to hook up the KC62 with speaker cable, generally you would want to hook up an active sub via the RCA subwoofer-out on the Nova. That is the standard method of connecting and is normally preferred for powered subs.

The HPF filter you probably won’t need, that is only applicable if you are daisy chaining other equipment to the sub via the line-out terminals.

I’m using a Nova as pre with a 250.2 for power, so hooking upto speakers is the only way to go, I think.

Thanks for the info regarding HPF.