Using Audiophilleo/Pure Power w Nova

Hoping somebody can advise:

  1. does the Audiophilleo/Pure Power combo come with the necessary cables to connect my Innuos ZM3 to my Nova?

  2. what, if any, options are the for connecting the Innuos to the Nova?

  3. would I keep Innuos as Roon Core?

I’ve read a fair bit about the Audiophilleo (a good chunk on here authored by Obsydian) and I’m keen to know more of the sonic advantages and some basic user tips, if and when I get hold of it.


hi i currently use the nova/ap1mk2 (no pure power) combo, but previously had the ap2mk2/purepower.

  1. does the Audiophilleo/Pure Power combo come with the necessary cables to connect my Innuos ZM3 to my Nova? - YES (USB cable Wireworld Violet from your ZN3 to the AP, which is direct BNC mounted to your Nova, the PurePower plugs into the AP)

  2. what, if any, options are the for connecting the Innuos to the Nova?
    The one mentioned above is the best, but you can just use the ethernet to the Nova, but try it maybe your happy with that, end of.

  3. would I keep Innuos as Roon Core?
    The whole benefit of using the AP is to benefit from the Innuos RAM buffering, i have tried to live with the Roon Experimental mode a few times, but everytime it was an easy decision to not bother with Roon (i do love the Roon UI, use, superb, but i want SQ first and foremost)

Should add i had an issue with the PurePower, the nice dealer offered to exchange to the AP1MK2 SE without PurePower.

Yes it was better (i think although AP say no SQ difference only functional), but BIG MISTAKE as i now want the PurePower and only way is to return to AP to rewire/reconfig the AP with a PurePower.

For me the AP offers an unrivaled solution to isolate, reclock, battery power (playback) to totally isolate and even better no messing around with cables as it is a direct connection to the streamer (BNC/RCA…).

Not sure is AP where taking the mick, but the AP1 does include a virtual cable function, basically introduces noise into the chain, for those (like me) obsessed with boutique cables as some call them here.

So for circa £1500 a out of sight solution offering everything and much more.
Recall Darko or someone scored some expensive Berkley device 1 point higher than the AP1/PP.

Thanks Obsydian, some useful user insights there.

I’ve bought a s/h AP2/PP and it should arrive tomorrow or Saturday.

I get the SQ benefit to be hopefully gained by the Innuos’ RAM buffering, but . . .I seek a bit of clarification, if you don’t mind, please.

  1. with Roon out of the picture how do I best access and control my files & streams? I have the iPeng app but it looks really clunky and I’m not quite sure how to configure it when the AP arrives.

  2. I’m using a EE8 switch, so do I simply continue with my current router to EE8 and beyond, or do I need to change something?

  3. Currently, I prefer streams from the Nova over streams and often stored FLAC from the Innuos, hence the experiment with the AP converter, which I presume will bring the Innuos gains over the Nova generated streams?
    I’m aiming for the best sounding server and streams to come from the Innuos.

Let’s see what transpires. Tweaking fingers crossed!

(Oh, and does anyone have a take on whether the Innuos Zenith MK3 would be a significant leap over my current Innuos ZM3/LPSU?)

So the AP/PP arrived this morning, and after some faffing about and reboots of Innuos and Nova, all is sort of up and running.

However, I’m still using Roon (experimental mode) and listening through the Nova’s digital 3 input (the BNC one). The signal path is FLAC file -> Zen Mini -> Audiophilleo, then BNC to BNC to Nova. Is that the optimal path?

First impressions are good-ish but how do I deactivate Roon and still access stored files and Qobuz in the Innuos?

I want to try out other options, if possible.

I see you have a Zen Mini, not the Zenith Mk2 like Obsydian.
So not sure the Zen Mini, as a player, will be better than Nova.
Can you compare with UPNP mode, using Naim app, Nova connected to a switch and Zen Mini to a same switch?

Hi FR,

Yes, I can compare upnp via Naim app vs AP+Pure Power (Roon Core Experimental), and also Naim app Qobuz.

There’s a clear sonic advantage using the AP+PE route, it’s quite marked with certain songs/types of music and less so with others. I’m being careful to compare the exact same files/versions of songs too.

My question is still how do I deactivate Roon and still test the AP+PE route into the Nova? Which app do I need to play stored files and streams?

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I’ve been using a preloved ap2/pp (£500) for nearly 2 years into nDAC/555DR now with 552/500. It all makes a beautiful natural sound. I would recommend that the pp usb cable used for charging is plugged into an always on USB - in my case the rear nDAC USB. The daisy chain from the Zenith was dodgy and the net result was the pp went flat. Audiophilleo recommended this solution as better.

I tried the Zen Mini, then a loaned LPS, a Zen and finally a Zenith Mk 2. It got better and better. I also tried the M2Tech HiFace 2 before the ap2/pp.

Doing without Roon is possible.


Hi Filipe,

That sounds like a much evidenced and lived with recommendation for the AP.

Ah, my USB (PC one) goes to the ZM3, and the other (AP) links the AP to the PP. So will that run flat?

I’ve had a ZM2, then a ZM3 with a LPSU added. Keep looking out for a Zenith MK3!

Can you advise me how to best playback files and streams from the Innuos without Roon in play? I’m confused.

Results today with Roon in Experimental mode on the Innuos have been great. The AP’s BNC connects directly to the Nova’s BNC, yes?

But what other ways can I utilise the AP/PP in my a Innuos to Nova set up?

Sorry delayed response, iPeng is the control app, it is pretty poor but functional, I control local ripped content, qobuz and Tidal through it.

Innuos are working on their own app, ETA …

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iPeng talks to Logitech Media Server. You can access it via the web interface on port 9000 of the Innuos box. It benefits from the material skin. It’s is still much like iPeng. The other thing you can do in LMS is to add extra database views. I added one for Classical music and a few others which work with added metadata.


The PP usb is just for charging. Plug that into the Nova usb. The pp does not need the usb connection to the ap2.

I do support the ap2 to remove stress from the BNC.


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Thanks Phil & Obsydian.

I’m having a few problems, to put it mildly! My Luddite brain has come out of dormant mode and I can’t seem to figure out what to do. . .
a) the AP only stays on when connected to the PP, when I link the PP to the rear of the Nova it won’t work.
b) still can’t get away from Roon to try iPeng. Which one is the Innuos port at the rear of the ZM3, do you know?


There is a screw on cable connecting the pp to the ap2. It delivers power from the PP battery to the ap2. The usb is used to charge the battery according to the settings specified. Hope the photos help. I tried to keep the PP as far from the nDAC as possible. The supplied short USB is plugged in the nDAC USB. It only charges the battery when needed. I have played music all day without the battery needing charging. The PP display shows the output voltage of the battery, illuminated if you press the button. I bought a cheap computer peripheral usb cable for the Zenith to ap2 connection.


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Thanks for the photo assistance Phil.

I’m still struggling, I’m afraid. Each time I connect to the back of the Nova the AP goes off, and I can’t play anything.
When the short USB is connected between the AP & PP it works fine.

Mmm, it’s probably me doing something unsuspectingly wrong, though.

Maybe the pp needs to charge overnight. Use the PP display to see what the voltage is. The blurb says that the ap2 draws direct off the usb signal input if the battery is flat. This is not the best way to operate. If you find it works the other way then fine. I had similar problems to begin with when the PP battery went flat.


Yes, I’ll leave it overnight to charge.

What does the voltage reading mean exactly? Mine is currently(!) 4.13.

Other data on the display read:
Left to right:
PC 14H .19A

As you may have gathered this kind of thing isn’t my forte!

So I left the AP to charge overnight and the unit display still indicates “AP OFF”.

It was all working for a few hours yesterday but now there’s nothing. The Nova’s digital input for the BNC is not detecting a signal.

Is this a dodgy unit, perhaps or am I once again the “dodgy unit” not doing it right?

Phil? Obsydian? Guys?

4.13 volts is pretty much fully charged. I would try unplugging from the Innuos after using iPeng or Whatever to make sure nothing is playing. Then plug it in to the Innuos and play something. The music should then start and the PP goes to AP On.


Hi Phil,

I’ve unplugged and replugged each connection and the unit doesn’t shift from AP OFF, so I think there’s a problem with it. The voltage reading is still 4.19, and all other indicators seem in order but alas there’s no signal showing on the Nova’s dig input.

I bought it s/h, so will contact seller for a return/ refund.

My interest was sufficiently piqued to try another unit if & when a decently priced one comes up.

Thanks for your input. Much appreciated.