Using both the DIN and RCA input for AV Bypass on Nait XS3


I was hoping someone knows if it possible to connect two sources to the AV bypass input on the Naim Nait XS3? The manual says not to use both RCA and din inputs - does anyone know why not if the inputs are never used at the same time? I want to use the Nait XS3 for my both my AV processor and for my digital preamp that handles my subwoofer crossover and room correction software. The AV bypass input is ideal for both and I’d rather not have to swap cables every time I need one or the other.

Any help appreciated.


Stick a passive pre in between. Then you can only select one source at a time into one of the din/rca sockets, but not both.

Like this:

Thanks for this. I can see this would work. Not sure about having another box in the signal path. Might just have to switch cables each time, pretty quick if I use DIN. Shame there is no way to use both DIN and RCA connectors on one input.

That’s why I suggested a decent passive pre rather than a cheap rca switch box - should be minimal / negligible impact.

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