Using Fyne audio with naim

Hi there, first post so be gentle

I have recently got back into hifi during lockdown, last time i had anything resembling hifi was some b&w speakers in the '90 and a late 70’s pioneer amp

So purchased and sold a few bits and now have ended up with a Supernait 1/cd5x/nd5xs combo. I have some MA silver 200 / MA gs10 and some fyne audio f501

The MA gs10 are a new addition and compared to the fyne audio i think i like them better than the f501

Does anyone else use fyne audio with their naim equipment as heard that tannoys dont really suit naim and considering that fyne are basically tannoy or is this speaker synergy a myth?

Any thoughts/suggestions/experience with any of the above would be greatly appreciated


The Supernait is a pretty capable amp. I think synergy between room and speakers is more important so I would go with whichever pair works best in your space.


Hi and welcome to the Forum. As @ChrisSU says speaker/room interface so go with what sounds best, but give it time if you can and it pays to experiment with positioning.



As has been said above, it’s a matter of finding the speakers that work best in your room. Some speakers seem to be more popular with Naim than others; some manufacturers use Naim when designing their speakers. But something that’s theoretically a good match may be a disaster in the wrong room. So just choose the one you like the best.

It’s interesting that you have three pairs of speakers. I wonder why that is. If you constantly swap between them it’s likely you’ll get in a muddle and enjoy none of them. Maybe the answer is to ditch all three and find a pair that really works for you.

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For simplicity reasons, I would choose a pair of speakers that are easy to drive, single wired, compact and use some NAC A5 speaker cables that are properly terminated - then stick this on…

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Thanks for your suggestions, i am already using some Nac A5 cables single wired with what i can assume are properly terminated ends.

I do have some Neat Iotas in a bedroom system running off the latest Bluesound powernode which i have used with my Naim gear but it lacks the bass depth i require really but do sound remarkable for their size

I do find A/B comparison of speakers very difficult without being able tonjust flick a switch

Rapid A/B comparisons never seem to work for me. I find myself focusing on hifi details instead of just enjoying the music. I would just set up one pair of speakers properly, relax and enjoy them for a week, then change them and spend a few days with the others.
Also speakers need careful setup and the ideal position and orientation will not be the same for all models, so rapid changes tend to result in poor setup and poor performance.

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The NAC A5 cables would be preferably made up using a MultiCore Crystal 505 solder 60/40 Tin/Lead alloy. Made up expertly by a well seasoned Dealership. Naim SA8’s at the amp end and matching plugs at the speaker end. Forget Bi-wire terminals, they are a total nightmare, regardless of how good you’re at soldering, or with what cables you use on them.

Hate to add another option into the mix, but I’m running Focal Aria 926’s on my system and they’re pretty good.

I think WBT 0800 Silver solder would sound better

That would be the classic dual concentric studio monitors.
The Fyne F-xxx are entirely different animals.

I thought the 501 were a bit dark, perhaps ideal for a SN1 ?
You might consider a separate PSU/Flatcap for your CD, great upgrade.

The Flatcap 2x was definitely a consideration for the cd5x

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