Using Google Home

Hi all, I just wondered if anyone had managed to connect a First Generation MuSo to a Google Home - in other words, I’d like to tell Google to turn on the MuSo. I know I can already do that from my 'phone, and it;s not a huge deal. I’m just interested as we slowly introduce smart things into our lives!

Have tried my damnedest to not let any aspect of Google into my home. If I were physically disabled and needed voice control I would still contemplate alternatives.

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You can achieve a degree of Google Home integration with some Naim products. For example, on my Atom I can ask to ‘Play Dire Straits on Atom’ and that works. You can also adjust the volume. However, I couldn’t get anything to work with my first gen MuSo QB - I believe it’s the lack of Chromecast support that’s the issue.

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I think the 1 series did have a digital input. If you can track down a ChromeCast Audio, you could plug that into the MuSo. Actually the ChromeCast Audio can output either a digital or analogue signal. Not sure you can control volume though.

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